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Katherine Langford On Her New Character | CURSED | Netflix

Katherine Langford talks about playing Nimue in the Netflix’s new fantasy series CURSED, arriving July 17th.


About Netflix:
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Katherine Langford On Her New Character | CURSED | Netflix

Armed with mysterious powers and a legendary sword, young rebel Nimue joins forces with charming mercenary Arthur on a mission to save her people.

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  1. Avatar

    Capitan Marvel vibes not Wonder Women vibes

  2. Avatar

    I didn't know what this movie was about and till I saw this and now I am so excited to see this Katherine Langford is such a lucky women she has so many good parts she is really brilliant actress I am so excited to see her as Nimue Lady of the lake. As person that have seen Once Upon a time and Merlin I am really again excited to see Cursed.

  3. Avatar
    Antonella Fonteñez


  4. Avatar

    Forget margot robbie and scarlet, she is next

  5. Avatar
    Arunima Jaitely

    The Witcher Lite !😅

  6. Avatar

    I wish I had an account 😔

  7. Avatar

    w8, arthur is black? hahaha this is ridiculous !!!

  8. Avatar

    In which places is filmed the film?

  9. Avatar

    I am in love with this girl!!!!

  10. Avatar

    Can’t see her in another show it don’t feel right

  11. Avatar
    Fahim Ahmed Riaj

    can't wait anymore 😩

  12. Avatar
    2k subscribers without any videos challenged

    Horse riding is Royal….

  13. Avatar
    Jormungandr Lokison

    The Witcher for young adults. Seems legit.

  14. Avatar

    She is so beautiful 😍I really fall for her in 13 reason why

  15. Avatar

    Hindi Dubbed

  16. Avatar

    Katherine Langford is beautiful. I love her so much 😍

  17. Avatar

    Ok I know this is supposed to be historical fiction but why is it that Arthur is black?Again I know it’s fiction but come on you need to be accurate to the time and there is no way Arthur could be black.
    Also I’m calling this now but just like every King Arthur adaptation it’s going to be bad but this one might be the worst as if we follow a track record it’s going to have so much political crap which is fine as long as it’s not slammed in people’s faces

  18. Avatar

    1:48 copyin the order… oof

  19. Avatar

    I know I'm watching this after i saw 1:49

  20. Avatar

    Witcher beta version ♥

  21. Avatar
    маркус микаилов

    do it first without magic, only after 7series add magic!!!!

  22. Avatar

    Katherine 😍❤❤❤

  23. Avatar

    What kind of Australian accent is that

  24. Avatar

    Is this just litterly a remake of “Merlin” mixed with a hint of “game of thrones

  25. Avatar

    I see the name nimue and then something about the lady of the lake kind of thing so is this story influenced on arthurian legends kind of stuff?

  26. Avatar

    Floki is only real actor
    CW shows are coming to Netflix

  27. Avatar

    When season 2 is coming?

  28. Avatar

    Who thought she dead already?

  29. Avatar

    I like her, so pretty but it was not a good performance :/

  30. Avatar

    I just felt in love ❤️ with this beautiful face when I seen her first time … OMG such a beautiful woman I have ever seen till now … My love

  31. Avatar

    Too bad her acting so bad omg and others too. Except Ash, Green Knight, Squirrel and Pym. 🤣

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    2 sezon çabuk gel lütfen 2 ci sezonu hemen yayınlayın

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    baby yoda baby yoda

    Please continue the series it is amazing

  34. Avatar

    weeping monk has my heart…any one else s too?

  35. Avatar

    Whene will be S2?

  36. Avatar

    Umbrella academy season 2 is needed more after watching 5 minutes of this garbage

  37. Avatar

    They need to write a lot better, not have inconsistent casting, bad character decision making, not twist the history and mythology so badly, for season 2. I just finished Season 1. Lackluster, mediocre writing, odd decisions, and some entirely pointless additions. A few scenes were genuinely good, sad, funny, filmed well. Katherine Langford stood out, Devon Terrell, while inconsistently cast, performs good as a black Arthur,

  38. Avatar

    Sorry To say
    she's really overrated at acting.
    She has a great face, yes.
    But please do take some acting lessons

  39. Avatar

    Been watching the series, and dude, she even acts with her ears, There are certain emotions of thoughts that make me move mine, and she moves her ears in various scenes, at first it was weird seeing it instead of feeling mine move, put it soon became so relatable O.O

  40. Avatar

    She would make a good Aloy

  41. Avatar

    just finished binging…this show is freaking awesome!

  42. Avatar

    I loved this series 😍😍😁

  43. Avatar
    Munray Greighton

    Spoiler….it's not much of anything……

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