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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on Covid, Lebron and the Lakers – BBC News

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has spoken to BBC News in his first interview since the LA Lakers won a record-equalling 17th NBA title.

In an interview with Katty Kay and James Reynolds, the NBA legend said this year’s season “exemplifies America’s struggle”.

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    F#ck James and the NBA…

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    This man looks the same as he did 3 years ago. Talk about genes!

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    forgive us … / https://youtu.be/zk5XXoMFKXM

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    The NBA are lapdogs of the Chinese Communist party that has millions in concentration camps.

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    "i'll follow the law" said Amy …It's distressing not to get a straight answer

    President Trump 👎

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    Young healthy men are not at risk – at all, ever

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    Forget c19 ..
    Share this .

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    Forget c19.
    Share this.

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    Clan Gunn Bushcraft

    More lies and propaganda from the treasonous cult that are pushing this fake Covid plandemic scam reset!!

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    ⚠️Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine study paused due to Unexplained illness developed in participant.

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    How relevant is it to 68 million people in UK whether the LA Lakers won anything?

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    Hang on. We’re to feel sorry for millionaire sports players who gets to keep their jobs and be completely insulated to a pandemic that killed so many jobs, lives, turned parents into teachers WHILE trying to work from home, go to the grocery store and fight for toilet paper. Yes… I’m sure it’s hard to quarantine as a millionaire. I really can’t imagine the hardship.

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    I had thought Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was killed in a helicopter crash. Butt… turns out to be some other multi-multi-multi-millionaire basketballing 'hero'. Can't remember his name.

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    What's your clearance Clarence?

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    Kareem Abdul Jabber is a nice man.

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    Please sign the Great Barrington Declaration

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    Roger Roger.
    And don't call me Shirley.

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    Goldfinga Sliverfinga

    Is the uk government killing all the pensioners

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    Goldfinga Sliverfinga

    Why is the COVID 19 worse on the BAme community..is it the NHS treating them worse coz of there colour

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    Goldfinga Sliverfinga

    Why the uk government got money for gangstalking an illegal surveillance/harassment but no money for ppl

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    They're building covid internment camps RIGHT NOW..

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    Covid the none existent virus!

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    I use to think there were some very ignorant ppl in this country. After reading some of these comments. I now know there are many. The puppet master has then totally under his control!

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    The great Karim

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    angelatate clownreality

    MSM is completely complicit in the bizarre Covid circus (UN's ROLL OUT OF AGENDA 21/30, NEW WORLD ORDER, NEW NORMAL TYRANNY). We can clearly see the separation of the wheat and tares now thanks to all this evil BS being perpetrated on humanity. Wake up folks, you and your family being enslaved and will eventually be culled by these monsters, while the likes of msm traitors convince you it's a good thing.

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    NBA Finals | Ratings PLUMMET 67% In Game 6 – LeBron James Ruined The League:

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    So Nice 💘💘💘💘💘💘

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