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Kamala Harris vs Mike Pence: Why this US Vice Presidential debate matters

Kamala Harris and Mike Pence will face each other for the first time in the only Vice Presidential debate.

Donald Trump’s health is expected to make coronavirus a central bone of contention.

The President has been forced to deny that he had returned to work in the Oval Office – but said he wants to.

His democratic rival Joe Biden also revealed that he may not attend the second debate next week.

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    Really really looking forward to this one. Could be very very important.

  3. Avatar

    Harris is a man.

  4. Avatar

    Praying they listen to eachother more 🙏 and express the real true agenda under each candidates !and please wishing the new moderator is a moderator and dont take sides!

  5. Avatar

    Offcourse there's is hate when police killing black folks in America and get away with it hows is that gonna work, is to far from love isn't it

  6. Avatar

    What time is this debate gonna be? I live in central time

  7. Avatar

    “China is going to pay a big price for what they’ve done to this country.” – President @realDonaldTrump

  8. Avatar

    KAMALA HARRIS FATHERS FAMILY ANCESTORS OWNED 86 SLAVES IN THE EARLY 1800s. fact check her fathers family history. it's true.

  9. Avatar

    I wish this virus would just take out liberal idiots

  10. Avatar

    As long as Mike Pence doesn't show up to the debate with full blown Covid19 Yelling, belligerent and feverishly sweaty. DON'T TRY TO INFECT SENATOR HARRIS MIKE PENCE.

  11. Avatar

    Trump showed up to the debate with full blown Covid19 yelling,belligerent and feverishly sweaty. He tried to infect V.P Biden. It backfired!!

  12. Avatar

    it really doesn't matter….its cause the president is useless in the debate arena so now they decided the vps are more important. that is how bad trump is!

  13. Avatar

    Heads-up, folks. The Moscow morning shift is here.
    Well, it is a Murdoch front, so…

  14. Avatar
    Paradise Blue Wave

    Why did Pence want to sit?
    Makes me think he doesnt feel well. He'd better not infect Kamala!!

  15. Avatar

    I hear Tupac got an invite to see Kamala Harris….hahaha!

  16. Avatar

    Its pence v the next president as we all know Joe won't last too long 😉

  17. Avatar
    Brisbane Australia

    Has Hunter finished dispersing Xi JingPing’s money to Pelosi Biden Harris Sanders Schiff and Schumer?

  18. Avatar

    Mike Pence is going to need that screen . Kamala is going to tear him
    limb from limb , politically speaking .

  19. Avatar

    Harris 👎👎👎

  20. Avatar

    Pence for vp.

  21. Avatar

    Vote trump kamala is Indian if bidan wins the modi and kamala will take over USA

  22. Avatar

    No, it doesn't matter.

  23. Avatar
    Chris Wainwright

    Trump/Pence 2020

  24. Avatar

    Its the Democrats that hate for sure

  25. Avatar

    Trump has deliberately flouted science, social distancing and made a mockery of masks, refusing to wear a mask in situations where it was deemed necessary by hospital authorities and medical consultants.
    During the onset of COVID-19 Trump repeatedly lied to the American people about the severity of the virus, repeatedly thumbing his nose in the face of science with ridiculous pseudoscience claims that could potentially endanger others, over 200,000 American citizens are now dead with the numbers climbing due to his inaction.
    Statistics were not on Trumps side as he openly encouraged people to attend rallies without social distancing and other protective measures in place. He's now tested positive with the all too real possibility that prior to diagnosis, of having spread the virus to countless others through his selfishness and willful ignorance of scientific evidence.
    Trump has brought this upon himself and he only has himself to blame due to his own arrogance and hubris. It's not the past lies that is the issue, but the fact is; in the future everything Trump states will be suspect and questioned. There is no transparency in the Trump administration, his doctor was even caught lying, when will telling the truth be the norm and not the exception? Answer: When Biden is elected.
    Is this what we deserve as American Citizens?

  26. Avatar
    Demaris Santiago

    30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  27. Avatar

    Kamala believed Biden's accusers regarding sexual allegations. She's an opportunist. No morals. No integrity. Hell, she slept her way to the top. No dignity either!

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  29. Avatar

    "That's small potatoes " quote Mike pence.

  30. Avatar

    Can’t wait for Pence to crush with no mercy. Mike shall wield the sword of Michael so gracefully that it will surely open the portal to hell sucking Harris in quickly. Kamala grabs at the crumbling piece of earth separating her from the pits of hell. She then begins speaking in tongues summoning dark entities from the pit who surround Mike P. To be continued…………

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  32. Avatar

    Pence is going to be humiliated…

  33. Avatar

    Tonight I actually watched mainstream for over an hour!!! MY GOD THEY ARE ON THE ATTACK TRUMP AT EVERY ANGLE! So clearly anti Trump and not exactly unbiased news. That will be the last time I watch them. Thanking the LORD for Independent News casters!!!

  34. Avatar

    Did Pence asked permission from mother to debate tonight?😂😂😂

  35. Avatar

    She needs to state if Biden is still a racist. Also the defund the Police and Green new deal are both dead.

  36. Avatar

    Keep getting tested every five minutes…

  37. Avatar

    The Democratic and Republican Presidential Candidates are both in their mid-70's. The odds are much greater that whomever is elected Vice President could succeed to the Presidency (or at least become acting President)

  38. Avatar

    🇺🇸 ❤ Pence will easily overcome Kamala Harris, Pence the winner ☝… 🇺🇸 TRUMP✌.. 🇺🇸 TRUMP✌.. 🇺🇸 TRUMP✌.. YES !✊.. YES !!✊.. YES !!!✊

  39. Avatar
    5K Subscribers Challenge

    Read my nickname and subscribe, it's a challenge 😉

  40. Avatar

    Let's speak truth, Tired of the Left 🐔🚽 bull 💩. I'm NOW and in the future voting Republican 💯 🇺🇸👍‼️…

  41. Avatar

    Biden – Harris 🤮…

  42. Avatar

    Harris 🐔🚽 for President 💡. NOT with my vote 🤔…

  43. Avatar

    Biden – Harris 🐔🚽. Stand for Chaos and Anarchy 😈‼️…

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    USA 🇺🇸 4 MORE YEARS 👍‼️…

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