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Kamala Harris: Trump needs to go back where he came from

CNN’s Kyung Lah sits down with 2020 presidential hopeful Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) after President Donald Trump fires off racist comments attacking four Democratic congresswomen. #CNN #News

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  1. Avatar

    Lies…. all Democrat are liars, they should all be out-voted.

  2. Avatar

    Trump played the lefties like a fiddle.

    He held the hook and they chomped the bait.

  3. Avatar

    Why Kamala says nothing positive. America is booming

  4. Avatar

    Why don't you go try lying to some more black people

  5. Avatar

    Kamala needs to go too…she is boring. She will never be President.

  6. Avatar

    IDENTITY POLITICS is not introduced by Trump but the Democrats….

  7. Avatar

    I'll give you scary: the two-digit IQ's that voted this into office in Crapifornia would do the same again.

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    Not reflective of values we have As Americans? Oh you mean like murdering a child even after Birth? Or approving gay marriage and calling it normal and moral? Oh you mean accepting transgenderism as if its perfectly fine? Oh you mean like bullying a Christian business because they will not make you a homosexual cake but yet it's their right to freedom of religion and they reserved their right? Hypocrisy hypocrisy hypocrisy. Trump will win 2020.

  9. Avatar

    I'm confused, what are the rules? It's not racist when I say it? Wasn't Pelosi just racist? Those kids on the schoolyard are probably racist, right?

    A serious question for CNN; what would Trump have to do to prove he's not racist to your network? And can CNN prove it's not racist?

  10. Avatar

    Race baiting idiot. She is just another American hating enemy.

  11. Avatar

    This chinese ‘reporter’ activist with her bias retoric questions! HAHAHA! Very unprofessional! Back to your commie china fellows, please?

  12. Avatar

    Trump is weak, shes fake af tho… i hate politicians! Spineless puppets

  13. Avatar

    CNN is just an arm of the DNC. Why don’t they just come out and admit it.

  14. Avatar


  15. Avatar

    harris another stupid america values hatingl bitch

  16. Avatar

    She has my vote. No doubt….how about you guys. I can’t of a single person better suited for the role of PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  17. Avatar

    Kamala Harris speaks out on Trump's racist Tweets. Thanks CNN for calling it racist when there is no evidence to support it. In fact if it was actually brought into a court of law a judge would dismiss it due to a lack of evidence.

  18. Avatar

    She did nothing about Steve mnuchin foreclosure scams, defended California's three strike law, supported silver asset forfeiture aka (legal robbery by cop), she kept an innocent man (Daniel Larson) in jail over a technicality! Don't be fooled.

  19. Avatar

    She doesn’t like white ppl. So fuck her!

  20. Avatar

    Uuuuggghhhh so stupid, bernie will raise taxes, and there will be NO HEALTH COST…SHIT it's simple, pay 200$ more in taxes but you dont have 600$ a month coming out of your damn check for insurance….that's 400$ you take home…yes taxes go up but there will be no cost at your fucking job for insurance coverage PLUS NO DEDUCTIBLES AND COPAYS WHEN YOU GO TO THE DOCTOR…taxes are not goin up for no reason, I'll pay more taxes, to not have big ass chunks of my check going to the insurance companies, damn yall wont listen worth a damn its simple

  21. Avatar

    Trump loves America, Kamala Harris descended from slave owners.

  22. Avatar

    This comment section is infested with trumpturds. holy shit.

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    Democrats are making a big mistake by making this primarily about beating Trump. Voters showed that they don’t care by what they do and what they say that may be controversial. This is the new America. Trump used strategy of “MAGA”. Democrats needs to focus on such similar strategies, unite as democrats rather than fighting with each other as chances are very low that they have any chance against Trump. Change the strategy!!! And stop the narrative of high taxes as there are many uninformed voters that only see high taxes as bad even though it may not affect them in any way.

  24. Avatar

    shut the fuck up shitnetwork and left wing toolbags

  25. Avatar

    Keep saying women of color, each time your poll numbers drop … people are not stupid, they are sick of the race shit.. period

  26. Avatar

    She can never convert any swing voters, go to RT, majority is laughing at her, you can't go out of your bubbles and spew your lies, none will believe you.

  27. Avatar

    cry babies, liars, he never said anything about your color. this was not hate. you are all about hate. you have antifa here to kill the republicans or anybody that speaks against you.

  28. Avatar

    "He's (Trump) has taken the presidency to a new low" 100% truth! & even more depressing that so many ppl+ republicans don't c the problem w/this J.A. saying "go back to ur countries" like there's nothing wrong w/it! "Disgusting" is the right word. & she's absolutely right in saying he's a walking talking smoke show! Anytime he's made insane comments it's always been a way to distract the masses from what's really happening! Wake the F up ppl! #Cuffson45!

  29. Avatar

    I'll tell you what is reflective kamala and that is we don't want anyone here that hates Americans. And it's not just white people who hate you, it's blacks and even Latinos. We don't want anyone here who hates this country. For better or worse we are in this together.

  30. Avatar

    Trump has,no education and it shows

  31. Avatar

    Ah look how cute. Not even 60k views. NO ONE GIVES A FUCK!

  32. Avatar

    Wait so she can tell Trump to go back to where he came from? Wheres the outrage?? THIS IS RACIST AS FUCK!!!!!!!

  33. Avatar

    Everybody has Medical for all but who pays the doctors. ?? Why would somebody go to school for 25 years to get paid shit. ??

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