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Kamala Harris: Ruth Bader Ginsburg's legacy is in jeopardy

Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris says confirming Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court would put the legacy of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and health care for million of Americans in jeopardy.
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    Republicans must realize their FATE if this nomination goes through!!! Not only their jobs…but MUCH MORE

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    She is RIGHT – this is what RIGHT looks & sounds like America.

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    Ruthie is in the lake of fire she doesn't care now she has the rest of eternity to worry about like most of this party!

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    Daniel Provencher

    Dem's filt

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    Hannibel is concerned

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    Are people dumb enough to believe any party is gonna do for the people? They all do what is best for them.

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    “Amy Coney Barrett forcibly straddled my face at a high school beer party.” – Christine Blasey Ford

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    Amy do not care about the people, she didn’t have the interest just to listen to Harris, Amy is power driven

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    Never forget the republicans want to take our health care away during a pandemic

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    Barret doesn't have nearly enough experience to be on the Supreme Court. there were clearly other reasons why she was picked.

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    BIDEN & OBAMA paid to protect Bin Laden, then paid to have him moved to Pakistan for the trophy kill before the election. Iran Deal was the ransom. Full Story Tonight 7pm on comfy Sunday with @ M2Madness& @x22Report ( Corruption Detector@ Redpill78)
    BreakNews: New information on the deaths of Seal Team 6 and its connection to Obama and Biden, and the 152 billion "trade deal" with Iran as a coverup was just disclosed at # AMPFEST.whistleblowers just came forward. Video and audio coming soon ( Joel Fischer @ JFNYC1)
    There is such a party in USA — they full of scoundrel, shrew, liar, pedophile, fabricate evidence of crime, false accusations, entrap,sexual assault, child molestation,
    murderer and they're also CCP's closest companion— Democrat ! If Republican lose the election,they'll learn their lessons, if Democrats lose, then they cheat people and encourage burning, killing,smashing and could even to destroy USA!Americans should be ashamed of having such a party!  More than 20years,too many of  them have been colluding with CCP, they have too much corruption case in CCP's hands! (look at-The AI organization) They sold out almost all USA's advanced things to CCP! They fabricated Russian gate, they used "political correctness" ,"racism"
    to control the media and brainwashing people to attack trump, they made up lies again and again to bully and impeach him. because he has no political background,he is an outsiders man in Washington, and he wants to expose them for more than two decades' dirty traitorous and corrupt!They were afraid and even prevent to trace the source of coronavirus– the overlimit biological weapons. They're headed by Fauci,CDC under the guise of science, collaborate with CCP's WHO's false information to deceive him! They forbidden patients to using HCQ-the most effective medicine, let people die more, so they can accuse trump! Many states even made up false mortality to attacks trump. But in USA each states take measures independently, like NY state CUOMO, he'd rather let more old die, but hide the respirator in the warehouse.But no any media expose CUOMO. Because his brother controls CNN. They track for trump's taxes which was before he became president, but they didn't say a word about Biden's family's corruption,which when he was vice president.
    Biden's son even taked air force 2 went to China and got over a billions dollars from CCP army's company.
    So much evidence of Obama,Biden,Clinton,even Pelosi, Harris' husband…s' corrupt.
    But CNN( China national news) never tells about it!
    –‐———a foreigner

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    In what way do the republicans represent all americans they really do only represent one class

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    She should ask Amy to step down from consideration.

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    Trump and the Republicans do not care how many people become infected with Trump Virus nor how many die with it, they want what they want for themselves and that is how they have attacked America from the inside and none have spoke out about the Pandemic propagated by Trump, they now they want to toss a spanner in the works because they know that America does not want the same things that they do, they think that they are going to crush the affordable care act placing Ruth Bader Ginsburg onto the Supreme Court, it is up to Americans to crush Trump and his army of self serving republicans at the voting boxes and replace them with a President and Vice President that actually care about all Americans, not just the rich ones.

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    A lot of people are about to be in for a very rude awakening.

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    She's dead…. we're moving on w/o her !!

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    PASS ON THIS SUPREME COURT SOLUTION. Use the pending trials of the trump family, as a pretext, to REDUCE the number of justices to 7. Reduce the court by 2 justices, FORCING the last two trump appointed justices to effectively recuse themselves, in cases involving trump and his policies. AGREE to restore the court to its full 9 justices, IN THE NEXT ADMINISTRATION. Whoever wins the next presidential election gets to appoint 2 NEW justices, USING THE 60 VOTE CLOTURE RULE!!! Barrett and kavenaugh are out. The next administration is welcome to restore them, USING THE CLOTURE RULE.

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    Foundups Michael Trout

    This is why #OutTrump2020 is vital for 2020! She is so right!

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    Biden's latest senile gaffe – Speech – Toledo , Ohio, 10/12/20 – ' I'm running as a proud Democrat for the senate ' OMG ! This is beyond a joke but bet you won't see this covered on CNN or MSNBC ?

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    Yeah Republicans were are you at???you care so much for the fetus you tell us to vote republican it's the moral choice!!!but millions of your people are suffering democrats and Republicans alike independents to!!!! 70 times you have tried to get rid affordable care act people need help

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    Kamala harris is using every opportunity to push her agenda for running . This has nothing to do with the nomination

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    What a hypocrite. She talks about the cost of health Care for an 11-month-old child and that no one should have to be financially ruined while taking care of a loved one, regardless of age. And yet she's okay with killing unborn children just because a woman can. She's also okay with letting a baby who survives a late term abortion to just be put on a metal slab and left alone to die. God help us if she and Biden win the upcoming presidential election, because we know that Joe Biden is not going to be able to serve as president and this anti-American woman will become president.

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    I would think a so called nominee to the SCOTUS by Impeached President tRump would have "an ouce of decency" and feel "an ounce of shame" that she is the single reason the American people are in unprecedented financial crisis… The GOP have chosen to suspend the Hero's Bill to have a confirmation hearing… Unbelievable, your Government does not Love its American People

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    Legacy…. row v wade?
    YOU BETCHA!!! its under threat…

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    Trump Rally Yesterday
    49.000 people

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    Yeah, yeah…That's right Camala we should skip your stupid hearing and just appoint the lady and be done with it. The president appoints Supreme court justices, those are the rules. It doesn't matter that it's 5 days before election or 5 months, or that Ruthy Ginsberg didn't want it that way, or that Chuck Schummer feels weary about it.

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    She is right!!!!!

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    am sure Amy Barrett is crying inside her that how did i find myself here. anyway, we will vote republican out.

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    The best political ad ever made:

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    Propaganda Puppets!… 🙂

    Masks do not help.

    People do/will get the China virus!

    Vaccines and medicines will help!

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    Mommytomakeup dorton

    Wow she said it perfectly. The Republicans only care about thier legacy. I hope and pray that the blue wave takes every one of them under. We the American people they were elected to serve need help, our small businesses need help. I really hope that the orange sheep can see the light when Trump goes down. I really hope that a reality personality never has the opportunity to win an election ever again

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