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Kamala Harris pushes Amy Coney Barrett on Trump's plan to dismantle Obamacare

Supreme court nominee Amy Coney Barrett was questioned by Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris over the Affordable Care Act, known popularly as Obamacare, during day two of the Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearing. Barrett made the claim that she was not aware of Donald Trump’s campaign promise to appoint justices who would dismantle Obamacare. Harris also tackled Barrett’s views on abortion, making a carefully laid-out case that despite Barrett’s equivocation and insistence that she is unbiased on the issue of reproductive rights, she is far from it. Republicans want to have Barrett confirmed before election day

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Amy Coney Barrett dodges abortion, healthcare and election law questions ►

Kamala Harris grilling prompts doubtful claim from Amy Coney Barrett ►

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    Amy Coney Barrett dodges abortion, healthcare and election law questions ► https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/oct/13/amy-coney-barrett-dodges-abortion-healthcare-election-law-questions-hearing
    Kamala Harris grilling prompts doubtful claim from Amy Coney Barrett ► https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/oct/13/kamala-harris-amy-coney-barrett-senate-hearing

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    As far as I can tell her answers were very articulate.

  3. Avatar

    Kamala & other Dems have been trying to replace the Sacrosanct, Untouchable ACA with Medicare-For-All, with claims that ACA is deficient and too costly
    ACA will only come before the SCOTUS if challenged in lawsuit or by Congress. Does Kamala want the SCOTUS to strike down her Medicare-For-All Legislation?

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    Jonathan Ainsworth

    Kamala Harris is one slimy woman.

  5. Avatar

    SATANIC HARRIS. It’s in her eyes like the rest of the psychopathic Demorats.

  6. Avatar

    Days of "orange man is bad….oh and you are, but we are having issues proving that"

  7. Avatar

    I feel bad for the patients who are getting Obama care I hear people with cancer and more with other serious health conditions are having better lives because of it

  8. Avatar

    She does not recall…context..what a lying witch!!

  9. Avatar

    I'm not sure if the slew of negative comments about Harris here are from Americans/native English speakers. Just a hunch…

  10. Avatar

    Kamala Harris for President please

  11. Avatar

    HAHA! You see these comments Guardian News? That's what freedom of thought looks like you sycophantic losers. Stop posting your one-sided leftist opinions in your headlines and go back to actually reporting the news.

  12. Avatar

    That was a straight faced lie.

  13. Avatar

    Typical Guardian BS

  14. Avatar

    Scary part is that Harris the Cupid Sunt – will be Pres after Biden is ruled mentally deficient

  15. Avatar

    Dodges ? No she followed the law the Democrats set for supreme judge being questioned on things she could rule on. Look into the Ginsburg rule. As if this media site didn't know this, but rather be deceptive

  16. Avatar

    people are scared of you Kamala

  17. Avatar

    Democrats should just let the gop take away obamacare, it is the poor uneducated red states whose citizens will suffer the most without it

  18. Avatar

    Harris is a serpent. makes the skin crawl.

  19. Avatar

    Are you Democrats sure this woman is on your side? It looks like a Trump mole whose behavior during VP debate and this is just making sure the fence sitters go ahead and vote for Trump!

  20. Avatar

    Imagine trying to push through a nomination so close to an election during a pandemic through a zoom call!? Priorities messed, gop are crooks.

  21. Avatar

    Skamala didn't achieve what she set out to here!

  22. Avatar

    Whats she smirking and laughing about .

  23. Avatar

    Kamala you are Bogus

  24. Avatar

    She just informed CNN about a new way to pronounce her name and its pronounced D-um-b B-it-ch

  25. Avatar

    The smirk of kamula harris is sick

  26. Avatar

    Judge Amy Coney Barrett has more intellect & integrity in her little finger
    Than Harris or Biden have combined.

  27. Avatar

    Imagine three whole days of putting a brilliant woman through a circus to make your political points – and the Guardian producing just this as its best “gotcha”.

  28. Avatar

    ACB is bad news and certainly cannot be trusted. All you need to know is that Trump approves of her…

  29. Avatar

    Amy U mean 🙈🙉🙊

  30. Avatar

    She looks like the devil

  31. Avatar

    octoroon looks a bit whiter today (cleaned off the black face)

  32. Avatar

    Чат шит

  33. Avatar
    Malfunctioning CCP bot 我爱你

    Guardian "News" is not really "news".👍

  34. Avatar

    Vote Biden get this snake for US president in 2021 when Biden "has to step down due to health reasons".

  35. Avatar
    Tickling Oscillators

    She believes this so strongly that she had to read every word of it…

  36. Avatar

    I smirk and grin when I lie too… can’t help it 🤣🤣

  37. Avatar

    A vote for Biden is a vote for this Harris person. Coney- Barrett is smart.

  38. Avatar

    I really can't understand why no one would not want affordable health insurance? What am I missing?

  39. Avatar
    person on internet

    I don't understand who wouldn't want affordable care, do you not care for your fellow Americans?

  40. Avatar

    Harris demands a yes or no answer yet she can't answer yes or no when asked about Democrat plans to pack the court….. :-/

  41. Avatar
    Mark L sixtyseven

    Who wrote her script. it was as if she had no idea about it

  42. Avatar

    What could be more of a contrast, the smug Harris and humble self controlled Barrett…

  43. Avatar

    In the debate Harris didn't answer many of the direct questions that were asked of her by Wallace. She used the time to completely avoid even a minimal answer back to Wallace and he let her get away with it.Double standard much? Yes, that would be yes. The people know. The people know this is true. And Harris' question here to Barrett, she campaigned and fear mongered in her excessive prefacing. Was wondering if she was even going to get to a question. Maybe she thought it was a platform for more campaigning and not a hearing for someone other than herself.

  44. Avatar

    VOTE TRUMP 2020
    VOTE TRUMP 2020

  45. Avatar

    Harris is impressive. She'll make a fine President one day, but right now we have to get rid of the orange buffoon. So vote Biden.

  46. Avatar

    Kamala harris loves Tu pac

  47. Avatar

    When Trump wins that smirk will be wiped off Harris’s face in an instant .

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