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Kamala Harris presses Amy Coney Barrett on whether she believes climate change is real

Democrat vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris has continued to grill supreme court nominee Amy Coney Barrett on a range of issues, including climate change and racial discrimination in the US. Harris pressed Barrett on whether she believed coronavirus was infectious, smoking caused cancer and climate change was happening. Barrett avoided answering directly to a number of issues during the questioning, including one from Democratic senator Cory Booker on whether it was wrong to separate children from their parents to deter immigrants coming to the US

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  1. Avatar
    C.O.N. Collecting Of Nostalgia

    Graham is a toad

  2. Avatar

    However Her her opinion matters on climate change because she will be voting on it.

  3. Avatar

    I'm Single 😍😥

  4. Avatar

    She handled the questions perfectly. Not allowing herself to be drawn in to a word trap by senate members who don’t really have questions. Great choice.

  5. Avatar

    Ruth Ginsburg famously stated " No hints, no forecasts, no previews" when asked how she would rule on cases during her confirmation hearing. Evidently Demoncrats no longer respect RBG's opinion.

  6. Avatar

    Disgusting dems always pushing their agenda. No relevance to her qualifications. All political BS from the left. Who votes these POS senators in office? They are an embarrassment to this country and need voted out ASAP so we can get some integrity back in the government 🤬🤬

  7. Avatar
    Randomly In accurate

    “I can’t express an opinion” until of course she’s safely on the Supreme Court and can let her right wing, anti-science views influence her decisions.

  8. Avatar

    She dodged every question. Why are they even questioning her ?

  9. Avatar

    Hahaha this is hilarious that women’s going to be your president in 1-2 years hahaha

  10. Avatar

    Grizilla warning. Shut her nomination down now.

  11. Avatar

    Coney Barrett is unqualified. GOP are greedy liars and hypocrites.

  12. Avatar

    Just like every other republican, Barrett is a hypocrite.

  13. Avatar

    This is just a push for the election. Thats why she didnt want to answer

  14. Avatar

    Do you think Beer will save the World ??? .._ _ _ _ _ stop dodging the questions !!! …ok, so you think Beer could save the World, ok 🙂

  15. Avatar
    Christina McIntosh

    ACB 2024

  16. Avatar

    Great candidate! My respects for her, she is brilliant and she will do a great Job.

  17. Avatar

    She is so brilliant that I can see the Hate on Kamila harris, I wonder why.

  18. Avatar

    Senator Harris should have asked the question about climate change a little differently, rather than ask if Judge Barrett believes that climate change is real, ask if Judge Comey Barrett knows that climate change is a fact.

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    Wotcha talkin bout willis

    She acts more like a politician than a judge. Barely gave a straight answer. Contaminator in-chief's lapdog.

  20. Avatar

    Omg this is disgraceful, they are behaving so petty, playing identity politics like this.
    Amy Coney Barrett is a classy lady with a brain, unlike most of you in this comment section
    None of you believe in peace, you're all so petty and angry and demanding and focus on such irrelivant things

  21. Avatar

    Wow. I would say "unashamedly pro-trump".

  22. Avatar

    After I gone through this video, I am sure I will not vote for Kamala Harris, she is not a decent candidate.

  23. Avatar

    Climate change is real, common sense is the sun gets hotter every year.

  24. Avatar

    Yes or No bih..

  25. Avatar

    I'm not gonna say what I'm going to do until I get the power to do it!!
    Sorry, that doesn't get it… You're a snake and the world sees it!

  26. Avatar

    Every 3 seconds America looses a 100 acres of Farmland and Ranchland to development, all of the population increase is coming from immigrants fleeing overpopulation. It took just 40 years to get the last Billion people, 6-7 Billion, and now it will take just 30 years to double to 15 Billion. Joe Biden wants open borders, be green, help save the planet, vote for Trump.

  27. Avatar

    'What's your name? Senator, I can't discuss this, it's a highly politicized issue.'

  28. Avatar

    Dems always baiting her. Did not work!!!

  29. Avatar

    So she refused to answer most questions….so she remains a mystery bag until she gets the job, and then they get the nasty surprise….

  30. Avatar

    conservative Harris pushing an altra-conservative Barret

  31. Avatar

    Barrett is so cold and icy – and denouncing a fact like climate change is worrisome to say the least. If for whatever reason Trump should be re-elected and someone like Barett will become a SC judge … toghter with COVID: We're all in for a tough white-knuckle ride for the upcoming years.

  32. Avatar

    Why would you ask a judge if Corona virus is infectious? 😂 Why not ask a doctor instead 😆

  33. Avatar

    What does climate change have to do with being a Judge.

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