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Kamala Harris: My plan is not an eliminaton of Obamacare

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris discusses transitioning the current American healthcare system into Medicare for All with CNN’s Kyung Lah. #CNN #News

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    No karmala your plan is to give illegals free heath care

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    AP News release:

    A new poll taken by CNN was conducted earlier today asking whether the entire GOP party, minus the four house representatives who voted for the resolution, has become a racist political entity. Out of the 8,347 being polled, “seventy four percent” agreed to the fact that the country was moving back into a “Jim Crow” era relationship against the “color” community.

    “Astounding numbers” said Senior Ron Paul. “I don’t believe I can recall a time in our history when an American President was this blatant on the subject of race.” He went on “I’m afraid he has stoked the flames and destroyed any chance of retaining the independent voter”. Senator Paul also added “the only voters left ini our party seem to be the far right racists.”

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    Here comes CNN with the same old "how do you pay for it" BS. Awful interview with a really bad interviewer. Couldnt lead the conversation at all.

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    CNN for God sake I will come fly at my own cost to show how to upload CC by hitting English, English Auto, phones, tablets, laptops are not TV's. It is clear only CNN doesn't know the difference.

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    This is fucking hell on earth

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    Kamala harris will Never have the black vote. Anybody who doesnt have the support of their own ppl……has something wrong with them. Shes more two faced than all of them

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    We want Medicare for all!!!!!

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    She never answered how she would get 30 trillion dollars without an increase in taxes to the middle class her only answer was to talk about how unaffordable drug prices are and how the status quo is not enough

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    Kamala harris record should speak for itself, She did nothing about Steve mnuchin foreclosure scams, defended California's three strike laws, supported silver asset forfeiture aka (legal robbery by cop), she kept an innocent man (Daniel Larson) in jail over a technicality! Does this sound like a fair, presidential leader?

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    Just tell the truth, CNN. That's all we want.

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    Kamala Harris news lady in the throat, just punch her in the throat. She keeps on asking about Medicare for all and how we're going to pay for it. Meanwhile the system that we got now is throwing trillions and trillions of dollars into the richest people on the planets bank account what the medical industry and big Pharma. Medicare for all would save the country trillions of dollars trillions and trillions of dollars. The present system in 10 years will cost 57 trillion dollars in the next decade meanwhile medicare-for-all will cost 32 trillion. Now I'm not a math Wiz or nothing but you just saved a whole lot of money. And instead of giving a 2 trillion dollar tax break to the one tenth of 1% of Americans who got more money than God and if you just text him at the percentage rate that you tax Working Poor Americans and the middle class Americans and the richest people in the world with just pay their fair share don't increase the taxes on them just have them paid the percentage that middle-class people pay 28% in in taxes that's what the average American pays… right now the upper 20% don't even pay 6% of their total income in taxes. That's why this Asian twat over here is probably in the pocket of some rich billionaire mobile and it's asking these stupid ass questions to Kamala Harris about Medicare for all…

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    We have to subtract Senate and house into a single body with a single chamber

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    Kamala=come allah…anyone else notice that??

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    our plan is the elimination of kameltoe from america

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    obama lies everytime and kameltoe wants to continue those lies

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    She is a strong contender and clearly a real leader that Trump is not

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    So tomorrow she'll come out "clarifying her position and she really meant…"

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    Remember how nasty and mean Kamala was to Brett Kavanaugh when he was in front of congress? Rumor is that she is like that all the time. Why in hell would anyone want hillary junior in office? She's evil.

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    3 thousand views?

    Mark Dice has more than 150 thousand views daily and is just a guy in a laptop

    Cnn is going down the tube

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    You guys gonna cover the Antifa terrorist attack against ice officers?? The a guy had an assault rifle and intent to kill and was shot down by police…thought you guys were anti gun? Hypocrites

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    The difference between listening to her and Bernie is so plain. She's trying to remember what she's heard about people paying for medical necessities. Bernie KNOWS. I don't trust her any further than I can spit.

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    Obama care is a failure , start over

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    Funny, they tell us how great Obamacare is but all want to replace it. What a dingleberry. Only a moron would vote for any of these DemoKKKrats.

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    It's almost hilarious watching corporate Democrat stutter and stammer and not answer a single question.

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    This lady got every powerful position she ever had through sleeping with powerful men you can tell by how she can't even answer a simple question Democrats are hopeless kind of like CNN.

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    Russian trolls very active on videos about Harris LOL they're scared – good keep commenting and disliking it only alerts yourtube this video is getting attention LOL

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    Wow even CNN viewers don't like Harris, good luck in 2020 Dems your going to need it badly.

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    Black People This Sick Woman Doesn't Like Black Men.
    Her Husband iS a White-Supremacist.!

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    Kamala the hybrid will NEVER be potus!!!!!

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    Kamala couldn’t answer the question of where the money is going to come from.
    She just complains about the current situation and says I can do it without a middle class tax hike. So how would you do it then bitch?

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