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Kamala Harris grills Amy Coney Barrett on Obamacare

During Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court confirmation hearing, Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris grilled Barrett on her knowledge of President Trump claiming he’ll only appoint judges against the Affordable Care Act. #CNN #News

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    Shut up! Pelosi is the hold up on Stimulus!

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    Americus Patrioticus

    Communist China may not have created sarscov2, but they sure didn't mind unleashing sarscov2 on the world, especially the USA, to disrupt everything while China quietly takes over. China has never admitted to the real number of its own citizens killed by sarscov2, but it is no doubt in the millions. It is historical fact that incumbent US presidents don't do well when the economy tanks on their watch, no matter who is to blame. The Chinese Communist Party is well aware of that fact. That is the real reason why the CCP failed to contain sarscov2 and warn the world of its spread in a timely manner. This is obviously true because the CCP managed to contain sarscov1 in 2002 with ease, and they warned the world in a timely manner. It is to China's advantage to be rid of President Trump so another, more CCP friendly president such as Joe Biden can be elected.

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    Half breed Harris speaks with forked tongue.

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    Kamela is a liar !

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    God bless USA! God bless Trump! God bless Republicans! God bless Amy Coney Barrett!

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    Why does Senator Harrris have to keep looking down to read off her script written for her by someone else? Speak your own words.

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    She is such a liar!!!!!!!

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    A smart, principled woman versus a mediocre, unprincipled woman. And the principled woman is not running for vice president.

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    That's not grilling , it's called getting your a** handed to You!!! Communist Harris

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    These currupt hippocrats just questioning this homorable women is sickening. I think I just vomited in my mouth a little.

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    That was a grilling?? Better not eat it or you will probably get salmonella.

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    She uses the same script as Kavanaugh

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    This tittle is a joke.

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    Kamala name is Arabic ، and her behaviors is from third world country ,

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    Why do the supporters of the ACA think that health care is a "right" and the the government is in the health care business? Health care is a privilege because it is a service rendered by others!

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    I thought it was funny how Harris asked for a yes or no answer, but she herself can't do the same. (Court Packing)

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    Her family had slaves

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    Omg —give it up Kamala

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    the amount of implied and overt racist comments against this Vice President candidate only highlights their own short-comings. What a bunch of racist trash…

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    As a Democrat this is amazing. Judge Barret should be confirmed. Call me if you want to change my opinion. 4403346231

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    Oh I bet Kamala Ho Harris knows how to grill……she loves those burnt hot dogs……can you even spell "grill" Kamala?

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    Effscott Fitz-gee

    Why isn’t this title “Harris gets demolished by ACB”

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    Obamacare was absolutely not right for my family. It cost me thousands of dollars for zero benefit. It may have been good for some but not for my family. I will vote for the party that will eliminate it.

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    Shameful! Kamala used this platform to make a political statement. Nothing to do with confirmation interviews. Kamala, we have heard all of you already. You are desperate because you are loosing big time!!!! Give it up. All of you guys are making us sick!!! STOP IT!!!!

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    It’s great how the Democrats are teaching our kids that hate for your country is good! So sick of the corrupt Democratic run news media! I can’t wait for them to pay for what they have done to this country. FU. BLM, and FU Antifa 💩👜’s

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    These hearings are an incredible waste of time. She doesn’t definitively answer anything. Does she even remember her own name, or does she “not recall” what it is?

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    No response after the last monolog?
    CNN up to their current tricks

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    All you’re doing is campaigning.

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    Kamala is a disaster! Soooo phony!!!!!!

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    I wonder how many lives were saved by Obama care. I can say for sure that Trump and his Republican bootlickers have cost 215,000 lives and counting. Our lives matter, please, please VOTE!!!

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    Usa is not a cult
    We live in reality
    Not a fantasy
    I dont watch fox news
    Trump just talks
    Wh is affected with covid republicans i pretend it real.until.i.cant breathe .

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    Amy she is very smart, but Harris is not by she ask questions.

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    Emanuel Frias Núñez

    D E M O C R A C Y — Only fair when things go MY WAY!!!!

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    One name means evil in many languages and it's not Amy's.

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    FAKE NEWS!!!! CNN Corrupt News Network!!!! We are NOT in a pandemic when there is a 99% survival rate. We are in a SHAMdemic!

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    Democrats! : Sen. K Harris,…, = liars! hoaxers! cheaters! thugs! criminals! America’s destroyers!

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    15 min inn Kamala realizing its not going the way she planed.

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    If this is called "grilled" then Tulsi Gabbard just ripped Kamala to pieces.

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    Please don’t let it be another four years of TRUMP
    Or the American people will carry on suffering and it’ll get worse

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    She is one pathetic liar whose brain would not fill a thimble.

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    I can't believe Kamala reading off notes is considered "grilling".

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    Professor MJ Mill

    Grills assumes you know what you’re talking about. Harris got owned even with notes vs a legal scholar that didn’t need notes to bury her bimbo display

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    I hate how divided America is. We the people, by the people and for the people? Never has been. 1 percent vs. The rest of us is how America operates. America! The country of "out of touch".

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    I can only speak for my own experience but my employers private insurance was great before Obama care. I remember talking to my Dr and him saying I better pray it doesn’t get passed because it will ruin private insurance. My insurance turned to crap. My mom hurt her back and was fighting to get disability and lost her insurance because she couldn’t work she tried to get Obama care and it was way more than she could afford. So I’m not so sure about what they are selling. I think it could be much better. I kind of feel like that are holding up pictures of people that they don’t know and I feel like it’s dis tasteful don’t use the peoples story to try to sell your bs.

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    This president is the devil out of hell!!

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    She probably will rule against these issues she is dancing around on answering these questions . I do not believe Trump and Other Republican Senators didn't talk to her about these Republican Hated Issues when they were deciding on her and prepping her for these hearings.🤔☹️🇺🇸💙👍

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