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Kamala Harris and Mike Pence discuss foreign policies l VP Debate 2020


“China is to blame for the coronavirus, and President Trump is not happy about it,” said Mike Pence, accusing Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris of being too liberal with China.

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    Don't push world into a another world war.dear Americans don't elect CCP comrades.

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    Trump has turned America into laughing stock here in Europe get it together Americans

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    Even though Pence did really good with the "pack the courts" attack, CHarlottesville-selected editing from the media, "losers and suckers" story being debunked, Biden's high taxes, Green New Deal, fracking/no fracking from Biden's team. He could also attack Harris with her calling Biden a racist and rapist. We love to see her reaction even though she got destroyed. lol

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    Kamala you are a disgrace with your lies my goodness. Where sis this woman come from? And Americans want to vote this woman and Bjden into the white house? God help America.

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    Hate China. Hate the way they destroyed us.

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    China censored Pence live talk about china. Then turned on the feed again when Harris turn to talk. You do the math libtard.

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    She is talking with her nose. Makes me mad

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    Watched the debate, thought it was good, (but Pence) couldn't be honest about things and dodged a lot of questions, (good from Harris) very poor from Pence. Harris won.

    28th January Trump/Pence knew, knew about how bad/dangerous the Covid 19 virus would be, yet didn't tell anybody about it until middle of March, (costing thousands and thousands of America lives) because they couldn't protect themselves over it.

    Yet Pence dodged the question. And couldn't answer it, if Pence was being honest. Pence would have said this, Harris your dead right, dead right we should have told the America public over the Covid 19 virus on the 28th January in how bad/danger it is for us, and that's why you can't trust Trump.

    Pence kept on interrupting Harris (showing you can't trust him) yes a debate have it, (yes, no problem over that) you sign something to state you won't interrupt each other, then do that. Don't interrupt (Harris) Pence like you did, Harris didn't interrupt you once.

    Trump tries to state he's a honest person, (Trump couldn't be honest to save his life) who does Trump owe money to, who does it. Instead he hides over/about that, and Pence dodged that question.

    Pence states about a vaccine for Covid 19 virus in a year time, then changes his story mid way through saying vaccine will be ready by the end of the year. Pence keeps on a changing his story/lines, and b lying. (Can't just Pence or Trump) who keeps on saying vaccine will be ready by early November.

    Pence said/stated stop playing politics games, (Pence is the one playing politics games) with him dodging questions, and him, him/Pence bringing that up, means he/Pence is the one playing politics games.

    Pence was asked a question (by the presenter) Trump is in court trying to get a bill through, stating/and saying in this bill (should it get through) this bill, then that doesn't cover America, America people who have Covid 19 virus, this bill (should it get put through) wouldn't cover you, America people/public. No cover and out of pocket for the Harding working, normal hard working America person. Yet Pence dodged that question.

    It Pence was honest about it, Pence would have said this, Trump is trying to pass/get through a bill, that if it gets through that means it won't cover you, cover you the America people, hard working people, this bill should it get through means it won't cover you if you have Covid 19, meaning you will be out of pocket (meaning you can't trust Trump)

    Then the final bit Pence dodged, was about respecting the America people, votes and result of the President election. Instead Pence dodged it. If Pence was being honest about it, Pence would have said, yes we will respect it, America people and voters, and if America people/and voters vote for Biden/Harris we will respect that.

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    This lady has such a teenage girl Attitude she’s insane

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    She's lying so much it's hard to grasp.

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    Why that lady is always trying to stop Mike Pence?

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    Harris got wrecked lol pence debunked all her talking points and she couldn't answer any questions at all. Biden/Harris have dodged every important question from green new deal, to court packing, to who they'd pack it with, to taxes, lol and on multiple occasions and haven't even dodged them well "elect us and find out" "when that becomes the issue that'll be the issue" lol.
    This whole thing is just secretive communists vs bad orange man.

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    10:26 kamala says shes sorry with a smirk on her face. Two face kamala strikes again.

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    1k subs without a video Challenge

    Trump 2020. (Read my name btw)

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    03:13 How did the trade war result in a loss of American lives?

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    Mrs. Harris did great! It was a restrained smart performance. We have everything to lose and at this point do not need much to gain. Let Trump do the work. Smart move Mrs. Harris.

    Biden-Harris 2020

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    Kamala got destroyed by Pence. What an embarrassment to her party lol

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    Commie-La Harris, why won't you just admit that you and Sleepy Joe plan to stack the Supreme Court?
    And by the way Ruth Bader Ginsberg was dead set against it.

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    Commie-La Harris, why won't you just admit you called Sleepy Joe a racist before you were the first one booted out of the presidential race?

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    The Trump / Russia collaboration is a proven hoax, started by Hillary, Obama and Biden.
    Unfortunately the Biden / China collaboration is very real.

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    Oh Russia here we go again

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    China is a disgusting nation built on communism. Never respect these people

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    Pathum Ramaweerathunge

    Harris is typical "say any thing to survive" type

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    After that debate Kamala is no longer relevant.

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    She is a joke of all jokes.

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    She destroyed him hahaha hahha, love it.

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    smash ultimate

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    Harris is a complete embarrassment as a failed, warmed up leftover candidate. Try as I may, my imagination hasn't yet been able to conjure any potential scenes featuring Harris as actually Vice president much less a defacto president due to Sleeping Joe and his advanced dementia.
    Now that I'm faced with the same dilemma with J&K as the snowflakes were when Trump was elected here's my thoughts. Totally convinced as I am that the ticket of J&K would be the train wreck of the century, and limited to being able to do anything whatsoever in that scenario, I say let us embrace the nightmare. I'm not going to even try to comprehend how bad everything will become.
    The only silver lining and it's a big one, is most Americans will be too traumatized to consider reelecting most of the gang next time. The best lessons learned seem to be the hardest lessons we endure.

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    Her response to Pence on military was cringe to the max.

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    Modern woman, are you unhappy in your marriage? Are the responsibilities of motherhood and the burdens of work getting you down? Patriarchy! Black man, do you feel hard done by? Does it seem like the deck is always stacked against you and you can’t get a break? Racism! Gay man, are you tired of the sneers and microaggressions of straight men? They’re afraid that they’re gay too. That’s why they hate you!

    These are the narratives which are paraded endlessly in our education system. They are not natural or accidental. They have been constructed by intellectuals and academics who have had a radical agenda to transform the nation, and benefit themselves in the process

    Believers in these doctrines of straight, white male oppression today call themselves liberals. This is a post-war fabrication designed to deceive everyday Americans about their revolutionary agenda. They are not liberals. They are Marxists.

    Cultural Marxism is the Marxist dialectic fused with Freudian theory and applied to identity and culture. Like all forms of Marxism, it is based upon categorizing people into abstract groups and then creating a narrative of historical oppression between them. The strategy of Marxists is always to cultivate a victimized group and then convince its members that solidarity is required against the oppressors. This creates resentment and hatred and is how Marxist ideologies fulfill their revolutionary objectives.

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    Did you notice that, as soon as the debate started, Kamala forced that detestable sarcastic smile that she always uses to crush opponents? She must have had a very miserable childhood.Any wonder she is a communist, as all of them, she takes pleasure in torturing, humiliating and denigrating people, remember justice Kavenaugh and other poor victims subpoenaed by her commitee? However, she couldn't do it to a solid and serious gentleman like Pence.

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    China should pay..😭

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    Fly on 💩 !!! Pence likes white pillow sheets and tiki torches to wear at night that’s why flys don’t seem to bother him a bit

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    Walter Do Nexus_Walter

    Pence will be a winner in this debation. Pence knows what to do to blame China on the pandemic and economic expansion. Just think about it, what happens if we let Biden and Harris sit in the White House, and what is gonna happen when they secretly shake hands with China? We will say YOURS… NO, OUR CARRIER WILL BE HANDED TO CHINA! Trump and Pence were right all the time, China has done the expansion since Obama's era, many people have been unemployment, and some of the company have moved to China for many years. Now, Trump is getting serious about it, and he will not give up on it. There is no way Trump can miss the opportunity to wipe out China by closing the business door to China, and WE want our job back.

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    WOW is she really trying to defend xi? winnie the pooh communist tyrant? That tells a lot about them, and bringing the russia hoax / orange mand bad again on your 2 minute argument, seriously? You are really nothing more than an empty box of promises.

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    Why in the world do they only give 2 minutes?

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    VP Pence absolutly crushed her. fact checking her on the spot with a respectful calm attatude. why is she even bidens vp pick. she called out biden multiple times. maybe biden forgot lol

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    Harris has zero knowledge on China. She even quoted Chinese propaganda to show that Trump is worse than Xi. It is an insult to the American people who voted for Trump, such as myself.

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    Rodrigo Velásquez

    300 manufacturing jobs only?

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