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Juukan Gorge traditional owners show destruction from Rio Tinto blast of Aboriginal site

The PKKP peoples have released a video showing the extent of devastation that occurred at the 46,000-year-old cave site in WA when mining giant Rio Tinto blew it up ‘to access higher volumes of high-grade ore’

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  1. Avatar

    Jail the CEO, the board and all involved.

  2. Avatar

    Sacrilege. A complete disgrace.

  3. Avatar

    Where is this place? At least mention the place's name.

  4. Avatar

    How is this not criminal? That space is priceless and it’s been destroyed.

  5. Avatar

    On the one hand their is absolutely unforgivable sacrilege of a traditional culture.

    On the other hand your only need look at their morphology to see that they have readily indulged in the imperialist culture of excessive consumption of sugar and eating domesticated animal.

  6. Avatar

    Disgraceful, sue the CEO from damage to sacred place. Should be ashamed of themselves, no wonder wildlife is on decline. Dam the humans !

  7. Avatar

    Human greed. All involved in this should rot in jail.

  8. Avatar
    JuanJulio Jamirez

    Welcome to globalism

  9. Avatar

    They must be held accountable for this destruction. And restore it to its original state.

  10. Avatar

    Rio Tinto should be made to build a museum on the site with replica caves in conjunction with the traditional owners and historical records

  11. Avatar

    1st ask 4 new hard hats, stage your protest from the top down. G'day

  12. Avatar

    Aussie Liberals at it again.

  13. Avatar

    This is awful and tragic beyond words ..

  14. Avatar

    @Guardian, you should turn ads off on this video. It should not be monetized, unless all of the profits are given to the traditional owners.

  15. Avatar

    I'm so sorry.

  16. Avatar
    Melina Ubeda Browne

    Kia kaha whanau 💕 keep fighting for your whakapapa and home – your ancestors … your tupuna are proud and understand it’s not easy .. 🙏💯

  17. Avatar

    46,000 years???

  18. Avatar

    Rio Tinto: River of Colour. Red of blood of innocent people.
    🖖😷👍 ❗

  19. Avatar

    Humans are the greatest scourge on the entire planet. Fix Earth instead of pumping senseless & wasted funds into manned missions to the Moon & Mars.

  20. Avatar

    great sharing

  21. Avatar

    Human life is approximately 75 years. These caves were home, sanctuary and a spiritual bridge between the present and past for 46,000 years. These are countless life times from the past, present and future lost in the greed of some soulless humans.

  22. Avatar

    Corporations are destroying the planet.

  23. Avatar

    Capitalism cares only for profit

  24. Avatar

    What isit..?

  25. Avatar

    That’s terrible!!! 😭😭😭

  26. Avatar

    These pockets are lined with cash yet These kids are still living in poverty
    Elders never pass on the money to the people

  27. Avatar

    This is like destroying a temple! How dare they!!!

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