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Justin Trudeau takes a knee at anti-racism protest in Ottawa

Justin Trudeau took a knee in solidarity with demonstrators at an anti-racism protest in Ottawa on Friday. Wearing a black cloth mask, the Canadian prime minister kneeled after protesters asked him to. Trudeau said earlier this week that Canadians were watching what was unfolding in the US with horror and consternation, and he paused for 21 seconds when asked about Donald Trump and the use of teargas against protesters to clear the way for a photo opportunity

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    Nicolo Barella

    Hopefully Truadeu's legs and knees get broken and his kids get expired by the virus along with all these protestors.

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    Of course !!!! He’s an apologist and a Cupid Stunt ….. he’s doing it for Peoplekind !! Not Mankind !!! Cupid stunt !!!!

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    Justin Trudeau. The biggest beta male a country could ask for. This “man” would kneel to anyone or thing. This is not leadership. This is weakness

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    Memoirs of a Dude

    The announcers are scary. Also Justin Trudeau's presence speaks a lot. I doubt if any other PM would be present. Respect from a conservative man. Requesting him to stand up to trump is demanding a lot. If he does, Trump would Twitter destroy him with humiliations. What Trudeau needs to do to cement his legacy – Secure the northern regions – and develop it. We need to protect our resources from excessive FDI from other nations. Also, as a minority I never felt discriminated so far, probably cuz I'm in GTA. I don't know how it's in other regions up west or far north. But in US, what happened is a tragedy. Also, WE NEED TO CREATE A TRADE ROUTE IN THE ARTIC – OUR OWN CANAL (DO THIS AND CANADA BECOMES THE MOST POWERFUL NATION ON EARTH)

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    You go Gurl! lol

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    Scruffy Sandra

    White liberals are the biggest problem in all of this.

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    Omg how pathetic is Trudeau?!

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    It is nice to see a real leader in north america

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    Trump's a blatant white supremacist. Alot of killings which have been happening in Mosque and black churches are because of him.

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    Glad to see most o the crowd that turned their backs on Judeass Turdeau, could care less about "selfie princess".

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    When you get tired of standing but you cant leave, yeah I've done it before too…..when I was in middle school…

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    Cocteau from Demolition Man is Canadian.

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    Kneeling on one knee is a custom of the Freemasons. Wake up,folks.

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    Stew stew Nonyo

    What is he kneeling for? Isn’t he in office? Shouldn’t he be using that power to talk to America rn? Or sort out the racism problems of Canada? Idk the gesture was nice but wtf

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    The drama teacher with the best head of the hair in the crowd is up to his old narcissistic antics🤢. The man is a love child of leftist liberal globalization

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    Yvon Desrosiers

    He can' t do his job in the parliament so
    PARODY of His IQ, SOCKS, disguises, masks , cabinet and His New UN flag
    Listen George Harrison : ding Dong, ding Dong. vevo

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    Trudeau suspends parliament cause of covid yet here he is at a protest surrounded by a 1000 people I'm surprised he's not in African attire wearing blackface, Wakanda forever!

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    Looks like there's no real reason not to go back to work in the House of Commons full time now JT

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    And the result of the governors and mayors selling out their professional employees in the police force is coming home to roost.
    In Buffalo, 57 police have resigned in support of the two officers who were suspended.
    NYC is seeing 6 police officers resign a day.
    Portland and Chicago already had recruitment problems.
    Minneapolis is seriously talking about suspending their entire force.
    This will end very badly for the Democrats.

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    Guardian is always knocking this guy anyway!!

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    And then they all farted. Noticed he waited for the camera

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