Jump but parachute doesn't open: Crazy moment paraglider avoids death after parachute malfunction

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Crazy moment paraglider avoids death after parachute fails to open. Kevin Philipp was paragliding in Organya, Spain, doing ‘acro’ – a freestyle discipline of paragliding that involves performing gravity-defying tricks in the air. However, the Swiss daredevil got into trouble when he appeared to crash into his canopy (or wing) while pulling off a trick, causing him to get tangled in the cables. To make matters worse, when he tried to release his first parachute, it failed to deploy because of the tangled lines – sending him plummeting towards the rapidly approaching ground. Philipp posted footage – shot from a 360-degree camera on his helmet – of his near-death experience to YouTube, showing how the incident unfolded from a vantage point just above his head. A separate video, shot from the ground, also showed just how quickly he was plummeting out of the sky – and his frantic scramble to save himself.

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