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Judges Should Not Be 'Legal Pundits' When Asked If President Could 'Unilaterally Delay' Election

While being questioned by Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., Judge Amy Coney Barrett declined to answer on how she would rule if President Donald Trump moved to delay the 2020 election.
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Judges Should Not Be ‘Legal Pundits’ When Asked If President Could ‘Unilaterally Delay’ Election

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  1. Avatar
    Unimagined Unimagined

    They want Barrett because she is young and inexsperienced this makes her the perfect puppet! This is why 5,000 of her colleges are challenging her nomination (@t. Conservative dark money groups have already poured hundreds of millions into getting these ridiculous cases allowing corporations to vote with money before the court and have had an 80-0 success rate under the currupt conservative majority. That curruption was not an issue when RBG and Scalia were appointed. See senator Whitehouse talk about this curruption of the supreme court today at the Barrett hearing (@. They wouldn't waste hundreds of millions of dollars on a judge who won't vote for their power schemes!!! They want to enslave us women in a guardianship system, police misscarrage, and spend unlimted money on political and environmental curruption! We won't forget this or Gov. Bob McDonnell's (R) vaginal probes! They are why Viginia is blue and doesn't vote for republicans any longer! We won't forget how they plan to steal our healthcare and marriage equality durring a global pandemic either! Removing health care from millions and prevent LGBTQ people from marrying and sharing their employer healthcare during a pandemic is bigoted, this bigotry may be independent of her kind act of adopting children from Haiti but its still biased prejudice based on her faith.

  2. Avatar

    Omg Hirono. How the F did she get a job? What a rambling embarrassing display of stupidity

  3. Avatar

    The only thing dumber than these questions are the people in these comments. You are censuring a woman stating that judges should be impartial. Just let that register.

  4. Avatar

    The correct answer is: No.
    Unilateral is the opposite of democratic.

  5. Avatar

    The DummyCrats can't touch this great American

  6. Avatar

    Diane needs to go.
    What has she ever accomplished????
    The only thing i know, is making herself wealthy.

  7. Avatar
    The Don A.R.K B Noah

    I'm not voting in the presidential election until they find out about the secret societies putting spy cameras in people houses

  8. Avatar

    No weapon formed against you shall prosper,
    And every tongue which rises against you in judgment
    You shall condemn.
    This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,
    And their righteousness is from Me,”
    Says the Lord.
    Isaiah 54 : 17

  9. Avatar

    Good, solid answer. Exactly as a Supreme Court judge should be.

  10. Avatar

    Lol, how is this even a difficult question? No Amy, the constitution does not allow a President to delay an election, period. Only Congress can give the President the power to move an election per Article II of the Constitution. And the 28th Congress back in 1844 established the 1st Tuesday in November as the date of Federal elections. Literally any 2-bit Wikipedia researcher can look this up. That was quite possibly the worst answer to the most straightforward question. This is about as bad as Bill Clinton's question of what "is" is.

  11. Avatar

    ELECT a brain dead leader
    STOP all legislative integrity
    RILE UP your armed base
    PACK the Courts
    VILIFY THE PRESS ( EXCEPT when you want to be on camera )
    ADD MORE ……..

  12. Avatar

    I don't like the way she answered that question that was not professional

  13. Avatar

    This is the second nominee to the Supreme Court in a row that has never practiced law. The whole thing is patently absurd.

  14. Avatar

    These dam senators need term limits.

  15. Avatar

    Such an evasive answer.
    Nowhere in the Constitution is the Executive given any authority to delay an election. A SCOTUS nominee shouldn't have answered this question with anything other than that fact

  16. Avatar

    That's the dumbest question ever. Feinstein needs to go back to her reruns of "Dallas".

  17. Avatar

    She became Trumps lacky….

  18. Avatar

    And other one his not answering the question

  19. Avatar
    iheartdragons126 !!!!

    Republicans trying to push you into this right before the end of an election, you are a political pundit.

  20. Avatar

    Trump minion

  21. Avatar

    Diane, the swamps gonna drain soon. You should be packing your bags and retiring.

  22. Avatar

    Libs need to get ready to have their heads ripped off and their throats used as a port-a-potty!

  23. Avatar
    ZEN TANGO Oscar Wright

    I am a communist, member of the American and Italian communist parties, bit Oh I deeply dislike the American white liberal culture that Feinstein represents !

  24. Avatar

    Love her! Confirm ACB!

  25. Avatar

    In the past 5 days – the United States has seen over 300,000 new coronavirus cases.

    Over 300,000 new cases in the past 5 days.. the highest average daily total yet..

    So the virus is not under control – it's not going away – we're just getting sick and dying by the hundreds and thousands.

    So if you would like to see thousands more American citizens die due to Covid-19, – vote for Donald Trump..

    Making America Great Again-one body bag at a time


  26. Avatar


  27. Avatar

    Donald Trump pick Ed you up I don’t trust you .

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