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Judges rule suspension of Parliament is unlawful – BBC News

MPs have demanded the immediate recall of Parliament following a landmark ruling by Scotland’s highest civil court. The Court of Session in Edinburgh ruled that the UK Prime Minister’s decision to suspend the Westminster Parliament for 5 weeks was unlawful.

They said they were unanimous in their belief that Boris Johnson had been motivated by the ‘improper purpose of stymying Parliament’.

The case now goes to the UK Supreme Court next week. Downing Street said it was disappointed by the ruling and that the prorogation of Parliament had been ‘legal and necessary’.

We also report on the government’s publication of no-deal Brexit planning documents, the Labour Party’s Brexit divisions and the latest Brexit Party rally.

Presented by Huw Edwards at Westminster with reports by Laura Kuenssberg, Clive Coleman, Sarah Smith, John Pienaar, Alex Forsyth and Faisal Islam.

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  1. Avatar

    Send all the brexit voters back to the special needs school that they came from

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    Think the queen owns there court in Scotland so you 3 are sacked

  4. Avatar

    British high court: "…it's political, not legal" – enough said!

  5. Avatar

    This is nothing but propaganda.theses cross party TRAITORS are going to end up with Egg on their Faces being Scotland dose not have Jurisdiction in this matter.

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    i think the Brexiteers have forgotten they live on an 'island' and are uniquely dependent on the free flow of goods and service. the exit with or without a deal is going to create/set in motion a series of untenable consequences for the populace. Things could move downhill rather quickly and chaos not far behind.

  7. Avatar

    I voted to leave but frankly the Conservatives are just using this whole Brexit fiasco now to see how far they can push the boundaries of Parliamentary law. People parroting the garbage they've been fed by Tory politicians that this is ok are a disgrace. To be honest, if a second referendum had been called I'd have voted remain now. I can't help but feel all this anti EU stuff has been largely exaggerated propaganda and top Tories are now making deals with US pharmaceutical companies and so on which plan to sell us the same drugs we buy from European companies for 4-5 times the price.. that alone is scary. The NHS will be crippled and these high ranking Tories in power now will quickly disappear off into the night just like David Cameron did after calling the referendum. The whole situation seems very different than when we voted and frankly I'm not sure of anything now.

  8. Avatar

    "The people said we want to leave"…. actually NO… as with this proroguing JOKE the conservatives are carrying out now, the "referendum" was NON-BINDING and carried out hastily, with lack of clarity and isbeing carried out so that many of the multi-billionaires don't have to be held to account under the new EU rules…
    It has NOTHING to do with "the people".

    "The people" also asked you to sort out the paedophile scandal… the people told you not to go to Iraq to steal their oil and kill their people… the people have expressed many reservations, and guess what: you never bother to listen to ANY of them, unless it's convenient for YOU. The TOry scum and their partners in crime.

  9. Avatar

    It might a valid point that any party capable of breaking the impasse is not fit to govern the country.
    The whole country will be in a limbo for a long long time.

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    Boris Johnson needs to be sacked and put in prison .. let Jeremy corbyn run the country…

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    This was a political verdict NOT a lawfull one!

  13. Avatar

    Do people understand what No-deal means

  14. Avatar

    This comments section is full of remoaner comments. Wonder why?

  15. Avatar

    Wasn't the Queen the one that suspended Parliment, I swore the Queens reserve powers and Royal prerogative couldn't be overruled.

  16. Avatar

    "Worst-case" scenario. What is the probability of worst case? 20%?

  17. Avatar

    Is the BBC anti-Brexit? It appears so.

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    Oh the UK has a constitutional crisis all right. And that crisis is not having a constitution. So let me see if I have this correct. The UK's Fixed Term Parliaments Act, which gives fixed terms to MPs and Prime Ministers was only passed in 2011. Whereas in the US term limits were put in place in 1951 via the 22nd Amendment to the US Constitution. The U.K. Supreme Court was only established in 2009. Whereas the Supreme Court Of The United States or SCOTUS was established in the US Constitution and implemented in 1789, over 2 centuries prior to the UK. This shocked me. Then we decided our Upper House of the Legislature needed to be elected with 6 year terms in 1913 via the 17th amendment to the US Constitution (noticing a theme here?) Whereas the UK still has the House of Lords. Members of which are unelected and have lifetime posts. Wow. I love how I keep hearing these guys talk about "our Constitution". There is no UK or British Constitution. If there were you wouldn't be going through all of this. Frankly I don't know what the Supreme Court is interpreting. It's kind of difficult to interpret a non-existent Constitution. It's time for one Britain…you're long overdue.

  19. Avatar

    In this extraordinary and damaging Constitutional impasse, cannot the Queen wade in, slap everyone on the wrist, and order a General Election?

  20. Avatar

    of course Scotland courts would say its unlawful Scotland do not want to leave the EU

  21. Avatar

    So it comes down to Boris Johnson's intent.

  22. Avatar

    Executive & is accountable by law and in the constitution to Parliament, not people.

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    I thought I would miss House of Cards but Brexit is way better! munch munch 🍿

  24. Avatar

    How come Scottish judges can tell what the UK government what to do the supreme Court will tell them where to get off

  25. Avatar

    Judge rules UK is not allowed to leave EU

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