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Judge Amy Coney Barrett gives opening statement at SCOTUS hearing

U.S. Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett spoke about her judicial philosophy, her experience and her large family at the end of the first day of her fast-tracked confirmation hearings. This was the first of four days of hearings for Barrett, President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

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  1. Avatar

    This is rushed

  2. Avatar
    Habs Yankees Fan 31

    Excellent! She will make a great judge and Trump will win Re election and the GOP will keep the senate and take back the house!! Judge Barrett is a smart and intellegent woman!!

  3. Avatar

    She'll let her personal views completely effect her decisions. These are republicunts after all.

  4. Avatar

    The stupidity of people commenting is staggering… Anything or Anyone Trump is associated with is catastrophic.

  5. Avatar

    Obama care was the worst thing that ever happened to this country.

  6. Avatar

    the law is law. there is no emotion the law is law… the elected gov can have a say in changing legislation but the law is law. cbc narative instead of looking in the past case, and that its an achievement for a young woman with childrens to have a seat it could have been a white men too. this level of low level analysis numb the actual weighted past jugdment she had to make in her whole career. 6 min of explaining 20 case fire round judgement she had to render and 1 minute of opinion this, but in that time … bad journalism at its best! not the host problem the media team behind.

  7. Avatar
    Donelda MacDonnell

    Why would anyone take that position ? They are going to eat her alive and ruin her life. God help her.

  8. Avatar

    DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME.THIS IS NOT HER OPENING STATEMENT. IT IS “Journalist” making comments about Barrett

  9. Avatar

    This woman is great 🇺🇸🇺🇸

  10. Avatar

    just another Trump hater that cbc managed to track down… she will be confirmed and there's no stopping it! Great job by the President in appointing her. CBC can go pound sand.

  11. Avatar

    This could've waited until after the election. Maybe there should be a restriction of nominating a supreme court justice within 6 months of an election, unless there is a crisis which absolutely necessitates it. Perhaps limiting once appointment every 2 years should also be considered.

  12. Avatar

    "…all men are created equal, …" No mention of women, so Amy Coney Barrett has no rights, including presiding over the supreme court. Be a consistent textualist!

  13. Avatar

    Republicans have no health care plan for us who need health care. If they have a plan i haven't seen it or heard of one. WHY NOT!

  14. Avatar

    Her voice. Ewww. Scary.

  15. Avatar

    Democrats wanna pack the senate! They are just being butthurt.

  16. Avatar

    Is this news platform an ally of the US democrats? Because they both tell the same lies.

  17. Avatar

    What a great choice, a remarkable women with a well balanced view of all issues

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    The Scrotum Hearing 😆

  20. Avatar

    Who needs their opinions as if they're professionals?
    I thought it was bad behaviour to talk about people when they're not present.

  21. Avatar

    In the next few days, the Democrats will expose their true ugliness and bigotry attacking her religion and spewing falsehoods about her destroying the fabric of the USA .. oops they already have

  22. Avatar

    Why does CBC feel they have a reason to opine on this nomination? The American public and in fact most of the Canadian public doesn't care what the CBC puppets have to say. I only watched because the handlers allowed comments.

  23. Avatar

    That country needs to move on from 1787! Seriously!

  24. Avatar

    Hi CBC news

  25. Avatar

    She brings her children to a super spreader COVID gathering WITHOUT masks. One reason she is unqualified. With an election in progress accepting this nomination shows she CARES NOT about the law. She a bold faced liar and promised to decide cases in favor of one political party instead of the law.

  26. Avatar

    She is basically saying “Remove the Last Line of Defence, for the common people and let them get oppressed and possibly lend a hand in doing so to the political establishment”.

  27. Avatar

    I hope she does have an opportunity to repeal roe vs Wade….it would Be one of the greatest SJW triggering of all time…😎👍 Almost as good as 2016 when they said hilirary was 99% sure to win…

  28. Avatar

    She's what every woman, wife and mother should strive to be

  29. Avatar

    Republican that supports Biden? You shmuck, you need help 🤣

  30. Avatar

    What a great Woman! Amy is an awesome person.

  31. Avatar

    lol, the republicans yet again get what they want. It's so incredibly sad for all you Demmies!

  32. Avatar

    Kamala Harris is no match for ACBarrett

  33. Avatar

    Kamala Harris is clearly a sociopath, and the claim that pre-existing conditions will not be covered is completely false – just look at what McEneny, Pence, and Trump have all stated on video: they literally direct you to places where you can see their plans and pledges. Once again, the CBC has shown that it cannot give objective, blanced coverage worth what Canadians pay them.

  34. Avatar

    The Democrats are going to say whatever they can to down play what is being done by the Republicans. that's just their brand of dirty pool. if it was a democratic nominee they wouldn't say a damn word.

  35. Avatar

    Bye bye to obamacare

  36. Avatar

    it`s a shame America have to beg this woman to do the right thing when she get appointed.

  37. Avatar

    What about Canada? Any WE Charity Scandal News?

  38. Avatar

    They r all on the same side destroying our lives y'all being duped wake up already

  39. Avatar

    Privileged women from the traditional patriarchal society.

  40. Avatar
    Jarrod Backman-Gallivan

    Can't have a CBC segment without someone crying about the very-bad-no-good-orange-man!

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