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Judge Amy Coney Barrett faces first day of questioning from Senators

The Senate Judiciary Committee questioned Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett on the second day of confirmation hearings on Oct. 13. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    Barrett is the smartest person in that room. It's not even close.

  2. Avatar
    Serenity Vocalized

    Yes just gloss RIGHT OVER the fact that she mentioned the Floyd stuff hit home because two of her children are black. I, personally do not care about skin color, but for the sake of those who do… You know… Your fellow Democrats?…

  3. Avatar

    Wow. Klobuchar should change her name to Karenchar. Wtf were those biased questions

  4. Avatar

    She's got 7 kids, y'all. She's used to being asked stupid questions.

  5. Avatar

    She’s like WTF what are these questions

  6. Avatar

    Democracy Dies in Darkness and that Darkness is the liberal agenda that is ONLY a one way street that is designed to alienate Americans, victimize and perpetuate racism.

  7. Avatar

    ¶ Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies..
    -Proverbs 31: 10

  8. Avatar

    She truly is a JUDGE! Think before action. 👏

  9. Avatar
    Hipolito Villafuerte

    Senators, just do what is right, read the Bible and learn from the word of God to lead (“laws“ )this country and then ask all the questions want to your selfs.

  10. Avatar
    Virginia Matthews

    No stimulus money no votes

  11. Avatar

    She's getting confirmed no matter what. Negative stories do nothing.

  12. Avatar

    Helium voice.

  13. Avatar

    Libtards destroying our country.

  14. Avatar

    A Republican steal of a supreme court pick. They can't wait to take away healthcare

  15. Avatar

    Omg. I watched the hearing and this is so clipped to look nothing like what happened. People do your own research and watch events for yourself. What horrible journalism

  16. Avatar

    "Judge Barrett, how do you feel about the fact that your appointment to the SCOTUS will result in the death of the republican party AND those who will lose health care coverage as an outcome of your appointment?" After her appointment, every single declaration written to the court will be required by all that is good and right to rub Barrett's nose in her soiled legacy, established at the outset. This woman seems to have a blacker heart than Bret Kavanough who had a shred of pride which was by comparison almost endearing next to this inhuman Vulcan priestess. I guarantee she'd be a disaster in family civil court.

  17. Avatar

    Fake news TRUMP 2020 look at the dislikes why do they even bother LMAO Americans aren't stupid

  18. Avatar

    That was 4:36? Felt like 3 hours!

  19. Avatar

    Seal team six? Where is the story about treason? Obama, Clinton, Brennan ect.???? You guys must be part of the cover up.

  20. Avatar

    "Sexual preference" is an offensive term? Senator seriously needs to get a life

  21. Avatar

    Why do i get the feeling these senators are trying to maker her slip up

  22. Avatar

    She's super hot I'd vote for her just to make you mad I want to see everything burn

  23. Avatar

    useless democrats asking useless questions

  24. Avatar

    Once again democrats have nothing but lies, fear, and hatred.

  25. Avatar

    Trump: The Man Who Saved America! God bless Republicans!

  26. Avatar

    "Sexual Preference" is offensive? WTF? I can't wait for Marxism to be destroyed in this country

  27. Avatar

    The clowns questioning and accusing Judge Barrett are playing small ball and we’re clearly out of their league. She quietly and politely made everyone of them look ridiculous. Did you notice the brief smirk when Horono asked if she had ever made unwanted sexual advances against anyone. What a BRILLIANT QUESTION!

  28. Avatar

    Democrats! = Sen. k Harris, C Booker, A Blobuchar, D Durbin, R Blumenthal, P Leahy, D Feinstein, = hoaxers! cheaters! America’s destroyers!

  29. Avatar

    Bunch of idiots asking stupid questions because they got nothing on her 😂🤣😂

  30. Avatar

    Democrats are so VILE and DISHONEST PARASITES. TRUMP 2020!!!

  31. Avatar

    Can we hurry this confirmation along?

    It looks like I'm about 38 years late to my gay conversion therapy appointments. 💋

  32. Avatar

    Other countries must watch this and just think we are 🥜

  33. Avatar

    My God, Hirono is a moron.

  34. Avatar

    observation: most democrat senators are not well educated in laws, they way they talk showed me that they use emotional argument which are very bias while republicans are a lot more knowledgeable about laws and constitution. They seem to talk based on legal merits, not by emotional argument. by categorizing this, Trump should be labelled as a Democrat

  35. Avatar

    She smoked the Dems yesterday, BIG TIME !

  36. Avatar

    The blank pad was classic, loved it !

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