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Joint Chiefs of Staff quarantine after Coast Guard official tests COVID positive

Joint Chiefs of Staff put into quarantine after a Coast Guard official tests positive for COVID-19 after attending an event at the White House; Fox News’ John Roberts reports. #FoxNews

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  1. Avatar

    Republicans have flipped the script and fooled everyone into thinking that conservative religious thinking is "freedom" when in fact, it is the total opposite.

    God gave us freedom but most people can't handle the responsibility so they gave their freedom back to the church.

    These people bring shame on God.

  2. Avatar

    If we start a petition and get 1 million signatures they will have to bring slavery back. We can do it. Let’s make it a reality and Make America Great again. And keep America Great!!!!!

  3. Avatar

    "Our intimacy with God- His highest Priority for Our lives-determines the impact of Our lives."

  4. Avatar

    Fun until Youtube starts to get paranoid and take out free speech

  5. Avatar

    Now that trumps healthy again, let's have a look at his TAX FRAUD, as confirmed by the NYT AND let's look at his alleged support for white supremacist TERRORISTS?

  6. Avatar

    When the president got sick, he didn't take hydroxychloroquine with a zpak and zinc. Why? Because he values his life not yours.

  7. Avatar

    John Roberts, the super snake from Fox, always ready for stupid toddlerlike questions in the pressroom from the WH. Never believe, what this creep is saying!

  8. Avatar

    Trump. Sgt. Bone Spurs, Draft Dodger in Chief.

  9. Avatar

    How stupid is it to defend the notion that the very virus this president was to protect the American people, contracted it and infected almost everyone he came in contact with? This president couldn't protect himself or anyone around him never mind our country. Vote him out, Trump is nothing more than a fluke.

  10. Avatar

    John Roberts? What happened to you!!! Shame on you mannnn

  11. Avatar

    Putin ordered Trµmp to disable the US military 😂.

  12. Avatar

    Congratulations WH and IMPOTUS, you’ve done what our adversaries have long dreamed about, debilitating the DOD leadership.

  13. Avatar

    "This is more deadly. This is five per- you know, this is five percent versus one percent and less than one percent. You know? So, this is deadly stuff," Trump said, according to the audio.

    But 20 days later, while speaking to reporters at the White House, Trump said "we don't know exactly" what the fatality rate of coronavirus is.

    "The flu has a fatality ratio of about 1% This has a fatality ratio of somewhere between 2 and 3%"

  14. Avatar

    Attention people covid 19. Is real. But like they have been saying. The % of people that develop severe symptoms have underlying medical issues.

  15. Avatar
    Jonathan Rodriguez

    1:57 I can finally enjoy life with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  16. Avatar

    Notice how not one democratic in office has gotten covid?
    They have the cure already.
    They did this to the country and the world alongside if CHINA!!

  17. Avatar

    When Fox tells the truth the right calls them leftists. So typical and Sad.

  18. Avatar

    .. why bother about foreign enemies when you can get it all done by yourself better than anybody else ! Tremendous job !

  19. Avatar

    They heard the Storm is here…wwg1wga.

  20. Avatar

    People die with covid. Rarely if at all do people die from only covid. They mostly have pre existing conditions or already have 1 foot out the door of life already. Wake up sheep

  21. Avatar

    Who in the media isn't a critic against the president.

  22. Avatar

    Proof Covid-19 pandemic is a HOAX YouTube video "Crimes against Humanity" spread the word

  23. Avatar

    There all in the war room, what goes on in there? Trumpys dbl is who we see lately I think!

  24. Avatar

    Hey Rudy you are next. Get ready for the trump virus 🦠 going to be great 👍

  25. Avatar
    Andrew Macdonald

    We don’t care what everyone is saying about the President now, especially all those who used to support him. Maybe he could have saved a few lives if he had acted differently.

  26. Avatar

    John has an attitude a judgment in his voice and he is lost to the deepstate. Poor guy!!

  27. Avatar

    Republican have the chance to do the right thing. But they chose to be a coward..

  28. Avatar

    Elusive truth's treason or psyop

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