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John Lithgow: With Trump, satire addresses the political outrage — but not enough | Opinion

Actor John Lithgow, author of the ‘Trumpty Dumpty’ poetry books, explains how he got mean — and empathetic — to write about the “despotic age” of Trump, from the coronavirus to the killing of Washington Post contributing columnist Jamal Khashoggi.

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  1. Avatar

    Love all of Lithgow's work.

  2. Avatar

    Mr. Lithgow is a treasure

  3. Avatar

    He's awesome. Thank you John.

  4. Avatar

    You make me laugh with your wit. Thank you. 🙂

  5. Avatar

    Lmao. 3ʳᵈ Rock from the Sun. 🌟

  6. Avatar
    Independent American

    Good political satire is like an ice cold glass of lemonade after standing in the summer sun! Besides John Lithgow, also Stephen Colbert, South Park, John Stewart, and even Jeff Dunham hahahaha Political Satire is chicken soup for my soul 😂❤

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    That was awesome thanks!

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    This man is sooo good !

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    Even you don't like Trump , Biden is a wrong and high-risk even horrible choice .
    Any sane person can recognize it .

    Voting for Biden cuz you don't like Trump is like eating crap cuz you don't like carrot .

  10. Avatar
    Christian Xander James

    true talent. a great actor and now satirist.

  11. Avatar

    Love Lithgow's satire…. thumbs up

  12. Avatar

    Question: are you voting for tRump? 😂✌

  13. Avatar

    Trump 2020 choooo chooooo

  14. Avatar

    Akin to listening to Picasso describe his painting process, or Jordan talking about breaking down defenses, it is a joy to hear Mr Lithgow talk about his creative thinking. Thank you, sir.

  15. Avatar

    Do Hunter Biden's Laptop – Just type in Mr Bobulinsky to get the details, that's Hunter Biden's business partner who just verified Hunter and Joe Biden's emails concerning the CCP Biden corruption while Joe was Vice President are 100% real.

  16. Avatar

    Simply Brilliant… 🧐

  17. Avatar

    Would it help if I said I don't agree with you, John. And then come back tomorrow and say "YES, YOU'VE CONVERTED ME, JOHN! I AGREE WITH YOU NOW! WOOT!" Toni in Washington DC. Thank you John!

  18. Avatar

    Amazing how once great comedians can't see the substance beneath the veneer. He thinks Trump is really "governing" or "ruling" and is thus a legit target for satire. Trump is the satire, John. The system is to be exposed and he's perfect for that. Obama was subtle, eloquent, charismatic "outside" that did not reflect REALITY of the cruel, vapid, unfair, neoliberal "austerity & privatization" system that Reagan and his handlers imposed on us and every president since (including both Trump and Obama) continued. Trump on the other hand is a perfect avatar of neoliberalism. Every fascist tendency he ever exhibited turned out to be trolling. He never followed through… on anything. He is a phenomenon, a world class troll that doesn't take himself seriously. And Lithgow failed epically by doing just that – taking him way more seriously than Trump himself.

    Trumps comment on being asked if he mentioned Khashoggi to the Saudi Prince when he visited Saudi Arabia: "No, it wouldn't be nice to ask him that, we made a huge weapon deal", "But didn't you say that America should pull out of Middle East and not wage these wars for the Saudis?" "No, I said we shouldn't wage these wars for Saudi's unless they pay up?" "And?" "They payed". This is the reality of America's wars. No Obama would ever say the quiet part loud like Trump. Trump is exposing the vapid system we're living in, and you pathetic as you seemingly became, want to hold on to the fake version of the world you think you're living in, ignoring the harsh reality that half of your country is suffering with addictions, joblessness and reduced quality of life.

    If you wanna become good at satire though, go watch Jimmy Dore, you might actually learn something. I've never thought I'd see John Lithgow, I once had respect for, look so pathetic and delusional

  19. Avatar

    Your best material? Sad. Use to like you

  20. Avatar

    What a waste of talent….

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