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Joe Biden says US facing “four historic crises” all at same time

U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Monday addressed the ongoing wildfires along the west coast of the country, saying as a nation they face one of the “most difficult moments in our history” in his view, with four historic crises at the same time.

Biden listed the crises facing Americans, with the COVID-19 pandemic being the first. He said the nation was also facing the “worst economic crisis since the Great Depression,” and a “reckoning” on race he said is long overdue. He then went on to say the fourth and final crisis was the “punishing reality” of climate change, which is resulting in numerous wildfires, hurricanes, and droughts in different parts of the country.

Biden said people are having to either evacuate during the COVID-19 pandemic or stay put “as ashes and smoke pollute the air they breathe.”
“People are not just worried about raging fires, they’re worried about the air they breathe and damage to their lungs,” the former vice-president said in Delaware. “Parents are already worried about COVID-19 for their children when they’re indoors and now they’re worried about asthma attacks when their kids are outside.”

At least 35 people have already died due to the fires, with searches ongoing for other people missing.

The Democratic nominee also spoke about Hurricane Laura’s recent impact, and Hurricane Sally heading to the Gulf Coast, saying it’s “a troubling marker” not just due to the increasing hurricane frequency but “more powerful and destructive storms.”

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  1. Avatar

    lmaooooooo this guy is a joke

  2. Avatar
    NeuWorld Solutions

    "Emboldened white supremacy, not seen since the 60s" said the old party man who voted FOR bus segregation in the 1970s…

  3. Avatar

    Biden's brain is facing four crises right now, dementia, Alzheimer's, retrograde amnesia, and intellectual disability.

  4. Avatar

    Trump does nothing only watches TV. He always makes things worse when he opens his mouth. I can't wait for November

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    Hidin Joe Biden looks like "Dead Man Talking." Watch this Old Fogee attacked by a grass bug takes a bite at his left ear. Joe slaps his own head. Ha ha ha ha ha ha. And all the tall grass behind having a good laugh.

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    This guy should be president
    of Leisureworld.

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    JOE BIDEN FOR president 2020

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    Donald trump is a horrible president

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    Enjoy losing again

  10. Avatar

    Thank you for the speech President Biden

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    The way these people use the race card.. it’s really scary… Martin Lutherking must be rolling in his grave right now… shame!!!!

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    OpeN Boarders & free health care for all is insanity. 3.6 BILLION! live on $2 a day…4 Mil in just Hounduras Live in squalor. A constant RIVER of Humanity.

    Far Left is the Death Knell for North America.

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    blm and antifa started the fires

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    careful joe put on a hat before that wind blows your brains away

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    Who the hell picked this stupid spot for a speech ..

  16. Avatar

    Armageddon has come to Amerikkka. It is written. More to come. Ase.

  17. Avatar

    White supremacy ??? LOL…oh geezus if this guy becomes President then it really is all over for America.

  18. Avatar

    Joe said he was running as VP?

  19. Avatar

    Joe has a serious problem with statistics and numbers… there are no NASA satellites, or ANY satellites orbiting the earth at a million miles… But no MSM will call him on it…

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    Pastor / Prophet Limen k Kenneth

    The worst presidential candidate in history with dementia whose real alternative to the job is a nursing home .

  21. Avatar
    Pastor / Prophet Limen k Kenneth

    Joe accepted people have migrated in drove during covid -19 so why asked for mail in voting . Wild fire is a problem of forest management joe and after 47 years what did you do to help the fire crises

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    Biden, a leader with INTEGRITY 🇺🇸⚖️😷🗽🇺🇸

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    Joey says burn the whole country down ANTIFA.

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    ROFL this guy is INSANE!!!

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    you couldn't impeach trump so you tried the 4 horse men LMAOOOO

  26. Avatar

    A bug landed on Biden as he was speaking.. Smart bug knows a vegetable when it sees one!

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    Protestors Are Braindead Protestors are Braindead

    Sorry grampop but it's time for your Metamucil and a nap. And stay away from the schools pop pop. Biden Loved Minors.

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    Democrats want to lose. Trump has done a better job at enriching the rich than they could ever do.

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    Sleepy Joe, the puppet candidate for the radical left.

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    We've only got 10 years left till it's too late. We need the Green new deal and 80 percent taxes now. Biden 2020!

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    Trump 2020 baby!!!

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    No bugs were harmed in the filming of this speech.

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    Global is an obvious marxist propaganda machine. Biden and the dems are the cause of the race issues in America. Everything that comes out of a democrat or so called liberal or progressive mouth is a lie. Is false. These are elitests who want to control people. Who hate freedom. They won't last as elites in free nations. Only force can keep them in their positions. Global is evil. The democrats have always been the evil in America. They are the institution that is systemically racist in America.

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    Tell climate activists to stop setting hundreds of fires every chance they get.

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    8 years as VP…didnt get it done then
    Cant get it done moving forward
    Hes just a pretender

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    You guys are total idiots you are trying to make American vote for Biden. Well, you guys must be getting pay by the dude! You are just like CNN fake fake fake

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    Joe Sundowner Hiden has the mental acuity of a house plant. His wife and family should be ashamed. This man is obviously suffering from dementia or alzheimers. He does nothing without a teleprompter or pre-screened questions. When he does, or the teleprompter fails, it's a disaster. This is elder abuse!!! Search youtube for biden blunders, see for yourself. One if his staffers who quit recently revealed Biden's wearing diapers and taking meds for dementia.

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