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Joe Biden says Trump testing positive shows why COVID-19 must be taken seriously

Former vice-president and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said on Friday he and wife Jill Biden were sending their wishes for a quick and full recovery to President Donald Trump and first lady Melania after both tested positive for COVID-19.

Biden went on to say that Trump’s positive diagnosis was “not a matter of politics,” but a “bracing reminder” the virus needs to be taken seriously.

He added that people should be “patriotic,” and to wear a mask in public as it protects yourself and others during nationwide mandates.

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  1. Avatar
    Mocking Bird Lane

    A leftist who's salvation comes from group does not care about the orangeman nor his wife, the leftist is only pandering for votes. A black republican is a black life that doesn't matter, because a black republican is not black in a leftist mind, especially Biden; tribalism at it's worst.

  2. Avatar

    What a complete waste of time!
    Wearing a mask isn't going to do anything but ensure your lungs aren't getting enough oxygen. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

  3. Avatar

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  4. Avatar

    I think some one put something some where for the president to get Covid19!

  5. Avatar

    Trump getting the coof doesn't show how serious it is. Here are the recovery rates from the CDC:
    0-19 = 99.997%
    20-49 = 99.98%
    50-69 = 99.5%
    70+ = 94.6%
    You know what is serious, though? Whatever the hell Joe Biden has.

  6. Avatar

    I like the way his mask pulses while he talks, Is it Morse code?

  7. Avatar

    Looks like trump didn't take away all decency.

  8. Avatar


  9. Avatar

    He actually sounds like a caring leader

  10. Avatar

    Cases mean nothing. Hospitalizations and deaths are all that matter, and those numbers are incredibly low.

  11. Avatar

    I thought clowns had natural immunity..this virus is stronger than I thought…Pence is safe …it dosent infect robots..

  12. Avatar

    joe biden is trying to con you and make TRUMP look bad its that simple joe biden is playing grade 4 tactics against trump. DO NOT VOTE 4 JOE BIDEN YOU WILL BE VERY SORRY.

  13. Avatar

    This guy is up for it hes got more "ticker"than Regan had and that turned out way better than the nay sayers at Regans start predicted.

  14. Avatar

    This guy is devoting his precious years to love and devotion to his country men and women..RESPECT

  15. Avatar

    Script reading Biden. Got no trust for Biden. He and his son and probably the rest of his family are a bunch of extortionists! Backstabbers all!

  16. Avatar

    Well, the hydroxychloroquine that Trump took didn't work as well as he thought.

  17. Avatar
    Ivan Fuentespina

    Stop lying

  18. Avatar

    I can't wait to see him pass out LOL. I can't be the only one. It's like cringe worthy when you see something about to happen any moment now but you just gotta wait for it right

  19. Avatar

    all of sudden dude wears a mask

  20. Avatar

    Mask works like a chain link fence trying to keep a fly out,

  21. Avatar

    When crowded protesters were without masks destroyed public facilities ,Mr Biden said nothing ! Good luck, Mr Biden don’t contract to the virus!

  22. Avatar

    So many young people in the restaurant and hotel businesses out of work. you should enlist them all in contract and tracing and logistics jobs thru the pandemic.

  23. Avatar

    I would also like to send my prayers for the health and safety of the first lady.

    …and President, ughh… President of the United States.

  24. Avatar

    i would love to see the expression on the faces of all the people at all his gatherings, cheek to jowl yukking it up having a grand old time, feeling elite, free from fear, immune from all, when they realize covid is actually a real thing..

  25. Avatar

    0:50 he is reading off a teleprompter

  26. Avatar

    Even if you do wear a mask you still can get Covid-19. I doubt trump got it for not wearing a mask

  27. Avatar
    Zapatistas y Villistas

    Yea right nah all of this is planned joe biden is trying to take trump place and trying to look like the good guy what a coincidence that trump has "covid" and joe biden doesn't joe biden wants to defeat or kill President trump in ways because if biden wins he will shut down the economy and he will surrender all of us to china he will be like a dictator like hitler and the doctors who told trump he has "covid" they are liars and were bought by joe biden to land trump in the hospital and kill him and so biden can conquer and take over thats how corrupted he is now the first lady and trump said they were told tested positive but showed no symptoms and that they felt good now that's evidence that there isnt a virus people are mistaken from a regular flue or fever for a non existent and non deadly virus all of this is lies the government bill gates the world health organization and for sure joe biden etc planned it the news and the media are also getting paid to tell lies that's how corrupted this world is they are taking our freedom away but there is no deadly virus is more of a plandemic lets start the revolutionary war

  28. Avatar

    Biden is so stable and he has not attacked or laugh at Trump. What a respectable man he is! I mean if it were Biden who caught the virus, Trump would laugh at Biden in his campaign gathering.

  29. Avatar


  30. Avatar

    Hypocrite! 👎😠He was laughing when he heard President Trump had covid-19 in another video.

  31. Avatar
    Formattednate 1107

    Good luck America. Say good bye to your precious constitution if these clowns become leaders! I love that Biden talks like if he was president there would be 0 cases in America. Your not voting for Biden. Your voting for Harris. This fool won’t make half his term bet.

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