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Joe Biden: I'm going to 'shut down the virus', not the US

Joe Biden said he would not shut down the country in response to the coronavirus pandemic during a campaign event in Wilmington, Delaware, reinforcing his answers during Thursday’s presidential debate.

Donald Trump had claimed Biden would force a nationwide lockdown if he became president, but the Democratic nominee has repeatedly said he does not believe that will be necessary to get the virus under control

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  1. Avatar

    He can say what he wants its all an illusion he has lost. Democrats really dont want to win something strange going on they pick the most scandalous candidates. Killary creepy Joe what is going on

  2. Avatar

    the guardian.! a publication so far left, it would fall off the edge if the world was flat.

  3. Avatar

    The faces on the Guardians readership when Trump wins again will be priceless 😂🤣

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    Ah shut up no one is shutting down the virus Trump 2020

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    🇺🇸 Biden!🇺🇸
    🇺🇸 Biden!🇺🇸
    🇺🇸 Biden!🇺🇸

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    Of which vaccine is Biden talking about? The satanist one or a real vaccine.

  7. Avatar

    A vaccine for a virus that has not been visualized under a microscope or isolated in a laboratory as stated by the CDC is impossible to do. You can't make any medication for any type of illness if you have zero proof that it exists. There isn't a single newspaper that has proper journalists anymore, all they do is regurgitate whatever they are told without fact checking anything.

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    Meowth Collections

    Who knows what they are gonna inject into you because if they make it free then more people can have it.

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    This guy is so far gone he thought Abraham Lincoln was debating him … he can hardly speak without slurring his words … but come on man remember if you don't vote for him you ain't black … the real racists are in the Democrat party and we all know it.

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    Biden is believed at his word by the guardian. No scrutiny at all. A media organization for people without brains.

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    Completely unworkable, it. Will cost billions to offer it for nothing in a country of over a trillion in debt already is it wise to force further debts to every man woman and child for another 5 years I. Extra taxes via 3rd party to recoup the cost of this plan, remember the sciences first recommended hive immunity world wide, it’s only after the damage took hold that the message changed. we should just buy x mount to cover 5%of the country population and target hot spots and compulsory mass testing, only then will we stop it in its tracks, every time some goes abroad they run the risk of being it back with no symptoms. There are those that don’t believe how dangerous it is. We need more than a short term plan we need something that makes immunisation a regular thing for travel , and vaccinations as we grow older, only with mandatory testing on return with isolating for 3 days for results or further symptoms appear maybe only then will we be able to get back to normal

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    He's a fukc1n criminal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oi, Scumbag, NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Jo over here mate here Jo not over ther here speak directly to us ??????

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    Trump is the best president the world has ever seen

  15. Avatar

    You American government bustards
    Made the virus

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    Joe Biden: I'm going to 'shut the Orange One down', save the US

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    Go Jail, Scumbag !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    …. Don't drop the soap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    That's my man.

  19. Avatar

    He looks like a Thunderbirds bad guy,I can see the strings.

  20. Avatar

    he still never ruled out a lockdown, and what was his plan? all he said was make everyone wear masks all the time lol

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    Nobody but fools are left to believe you, you creepy rat.

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    Where's the vacuum cleaner Joe? Is it in the basement? 🤣🤣🤣

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    Dumbo Joe: The newest Muppet 'out' in time for Christmas.

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    Why are all US presidents soo old?

  25. Avatar

    What exactly do you think "shutting down the virus" implies mr. Biden. Luckily the only thing that will be shutting down is your party.

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    He couldn’t shut down a closing down sale that’s ended ffs.

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    0:36 I stopped my work with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

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    Failed geriatric politician is going to rip open his shirt to expose the words, Virus Man emblazoned across his super suit and do what nobody else has done. The USA and the free world is so lucky he is here to save us…long live our 'Gaurdian!'

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    This man talks a lot but gets nothing done.

  31. Avatar

    He’s reading that from a screen

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    Wow. I see all the Putin Russians are out in force on the Guardian site again. Very disappointing.

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    Joe how about you shut down Hunter's laptop?

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    🇺🇸🇺🇸 TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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    Vote Trump 2020.

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    How?virus doesn't die automatically…^o^

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    Locked And Loaded Entertainment

    What if big pharma gives hunter an 8ball and some underage photos?

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    🤭 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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