Home / News / Joe Biden defends son Hunter at final presidential debate, amid Giuliani allegations | USA TODAY

Joe Biden defends son Hunter at final presidential debate, amid Giuliani allegations | USA TODAY

Joe Biden defends son Hunter Biden during final presidential debate.
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Joe Biden said “not one single, solitary thing was out of line” with his and his son Hunter Biden’s dealings with Ukraine.

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  1. Avatar

    Biden is America's biggest traitor ever funny how u dont make money when millions are sent to ur bank accounts then keeps moving and all he says is that not true no wonder he couldn't teach his children not to smoke crack

  2. Avatar

    So USA today, the FBI does not have the laptop ? Since this is a conspiracy is this an imaginary laptop ? And I suppose Anthony Bobulinski who was Hunter's business partner is just making it up ? The phones with the texts in them are not real ? Why don't you guys do some real journalism and stop picking sides ?

  3. Avatar

    Conspiracy theory with evidence = truth

  4. Avatar

    Nothing to see here my crackhead son with no experience given a job on the Board of a gas company making millions and got the guy fired who was investigating them

  5. Avatar

    Which is true? Trump will be re-elected, or Joe Biden is corrupt and in the pockets of China and Russia.

  6. Avatar


  7. Avatar

    Joe is literally lying through is teeth. There is hard evidence saying the contrary.

  8. Avatar

    Biden: Not a single solitary thing was out of line.

    Translation: Quid pro Joe strikes again.

  9. Avatar

    LOL No evidence or wrong-doing be either Biden? Are you really that stupid?

  10. Avatar

    Biden LIED all night long during the debate, so he can't be trusted with anything. He also continues to plagiarize by claiming he has a Covid plan when EVERY single point of his so called plan Trump has already done or is doing. What a joke, as always do nothing lip service from now a weak puppet of the radical Left. He and his Democrat party of slavery perpetuates the hate, lies, division, death, and destruction Americans has experience all through 2020!

  11. Avatar

    The Biden Crime family

  12. Avatar

    Conspiracy theories? The laptop exists, it’s been verified, TONY BOBULINSKI, come on man, conspiracy theories.

  13. Avatar

    BULLSHIT they don’t pay the VP’s son that much money for just the VP’s crackhead son people

  14. Avatar

    saying it is all Russia , idiot, stupidest man in DC, If he should win, and I don't think he will, he will be there just a short time, then leave because of medical and hand it to the socialsit/communist.

  15. Avatar

    Biden is a liar… period 🤔

  16. Avatar


  17. Avatar

    most of your "claims" especially those defending Biden; USA today; have been verified by FBI themselves

  18. Avatar
    Limitless. ㄣ⃒

    Just like everyone news video like this, I just came for the comments

  19. Avatar

    So yeah Trump spot on about the fake media, thank you USA for confirming it.

  20. Avatar

    One of Joe's lies. Go back to testimony where the appearance of wrongdoing was brought up. It was called out before the 2016 election.

  21. Avatar

    USA Today should be ashamed of themselves. All those so-called journalists at their disposal and they can't look into whether the emails are real (they are) and have they been corroborated (they have). They have never once put out a disclaimer video like this on ANY of the many FALSE allegations against Trump! PITIFUL!

  22. Avatar

    It’s sad you have to watch sky news Australia to get the full story from real media!!

  23. Avatar

    Roses are red,
    Kamala is not black,
    Biden is hiding and
    Hunter is on crack.

  24. Avatar

    Well, the first thing outa line, Joe, has been was your consistent lying about not being involved in your son's business dealings. Between the laptop Hunter abandoned at a repair shop, the evidence being provided by his ex-business partner Bevan Cooney, and now ex-partner Tony Bobulinski, your involvement is being clarified.

  25. Avatar
    honey badger Of the truth 2020

    I did not have sex with that laptop 🤣😂 how do you know when a Democrat is lying his lips are moving!

  26. Avatar

    Joe is indeed a creepy liar. Wasn't he the one wanting a prosecutor to be fired before Ukrainian can get any money from America government?

  27. Avatar

    talk about why people don't believe in mass media outlets anymore 🙄

  28. Avatar

    Wow USA today, plain to see who you support, what happened to integrity

  29. Avatar

    Every time these mockingbird media outlets harp on conspiracy theories you know they are lying.

  30. Avatar

    Don’t you just love the title. These msm non journalists think we are idiots.

  31. Avatar

    The whole Biden family is going down.

  32. Avatar

    The Biden’s are guilty as hell….including Joe!…

  33. Avatar

    Ahhahahaha Biden grasping for air

  34. Avatar

    No doubt about Joe knew and made money from Hunters many Many deals. USA today he voice of the far left.

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