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Joe Biden declines discussing Supreme Court expansion until post-election

U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said on Thursday Americans would learn his position on increasing the number of justices on the U.S. Supreme Court after the November election if he were to win.

Biden, who has repeatedly declined to provide his view on the issue, told reporters that revealing it now would distract voters from focusing on Republican President Donald Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the top court. The Senate Judiciary Committee is set to start hearings on Barrett on Monday.

“The moment I answer that question, the headline in every one of your papers will be about that other than – other than focusing on what’s happening now,” Biden said.

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    Doesn't he realise the outside of the mask could potentially be contaminated? If he was serious about masks he would have it fitted properly so he wouldn't need to keep adjusting it. If it keeps slipping then it's not giving him the best protection. Political theatre I'd say.

  2. Avatar

    JOE needs that mask even without COVID. Look at him. Even influenza would kill him.

  3. Avatar

    Everyone's talking about it because it's an important issue now lol. Obvious he's going to try to pack it.

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    This Joe Biden disgusts me! Wreched of that!

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    Do you believe that MURDERING BABIES is okay??? If you support BABY MURDER, you will vote for these people. If you believe that BABIES deserve LIFE, vote for President Trump 2020!!!!
    I LOVE BABIES and they love you too!!!!

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    Momma always said stupid is as stupid does. Biden & Harris should just sell a shirt that says “I’m with Stupid 2020”.

  8. Avatar

    Biden is a criminal

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    Come on man!!! I don't have a plan!!! Come on man!!! She's just waiting until I win and they take me off my meds. Why do you think she is laughing and giggling so much???
    " She just can't hide it. She's so excited'!!!"

  10. Avatar

    This is the answer you give when your platform is inferior to your opponent's, and you are basing your entire campaign on "They like me better as a person". What an atrocious answer.

  11. Avatar

    Trump with Russia wants to destroy the USA!

  12. Avatar

    So Biden will pack the Court. Then the Republicans will pack it again when they get back in power. Rinse. Repeat. How many judges will there ultimately be? 15? 50? 80? Madness. Leftists never think of the consequences of their actions.

  13. Avatar
    Anneliese Harrison

    The Democratic Plan – Deny Destroy Deceive Demoralize Demonize Defund Deflect & Deprive.

  14. Avatar

    Trump 2020 Don Jr 2024 and beyond!

  15. Avatar

    He wants to flood the courts with more people so the tax payers have to pay for their ridiculous pensions!!

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    Why would it be news of it was a no? …..oh

  18. Avatar

    Biden and Harris are dumb and dumber.

  19. Avatar

    Joe doesn’t know what packing the court means.

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    What has Trump said to stir hatred . What have the Democrats said. . Its only Dems rioting. If it wasn't, why are they raising money for their bail @kamila

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    Stop erased my comments

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    Both are clowns and LIARS🤮

  23. Avatar

    How is it that he is still walking free? Heels up headboard Harris=do or say ANYTHING for money.

  24. Avatar

    How is it that he is still walking free? Heels up headboard Harris=do or say ANYTHING for money.

  25. Avatar
    Jonathan Sterling

    You'll know what he's for after you elect him, dummy!
    And that's the way it is.

  26. Avatar

    US enemy China back Joe BIDEN s back too

  27. Avatar

    Someone please ask Joe Biden and Kamala Harris do they plan to attack, imprison and "railroad" black males? They both have track records for doing so. Their attacks on the cisgender black males..

  28. Avatar

    Wait I thought you were running for president joe, not Kamala ?

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