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Joe Biden checks his watch during final presidential debate | USA TODAY

Former Vice President Biden caught checking his watch during final presidential debate.
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Democratic candidate Joe Biden checks his watch during the final presidential debate with President Donald Trump.

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  1. Avatar

    Next Video: Joe Biden Ties His Shoe During Final Presidential Debate

  2. Avatar

    george HW bush rolling in his grave

  3. Avatar

    We need a president for all Americans not just the ones he likes.

  4. Avatar

    Looks like time is running out Joe.

  5. Avatar

    Bidenrella clock strikes 12:00 his uppers wear off.

  6. Avatar

    " We are running out of time ,so let's get onto Climate Change .. Please "
    Lovely intro for that subject !

  7. Avatar

    He was signaling the moderator lol

  8. Avatar

    Joe Biden has proven himself to be a bigot and a racist, with remarks he has made on countless occasions to the press about Black Americans. He and his former administration has done very little if anything for our community.The Democratic Party has taken our community and our vote for granted for decades now. They have taken our vote and our blinded support of their party as a matter of fact.They don't care about our cities or our communities. They have done nothing about the black on black killings, taking place on a daily basis.The Democrats have sat idly by while their Antifa supporters and Black Lives Matter thugs, continue to burn down black owned businesses , churches, and even desecrated statues of Jesus Christ. They have continued to defend these extremist terrorist groups; calling them "peaceful protesters", instead of what they really are, which are radical socialists, and anarchists, bent on destroying our country and our democracy. The Democratic Party likes for us Black Americans to remain silent, and to remain on their Democratic plantation, and to tow the party line, and keep our mouths shut about the reality of their politics. Malcolm X once said that the most dangerous group of racists, were the White Liberals. He said this because he knew how they try to manipulate the Black community, and how they try to make us dependent on them for our very lives. Well, my life means more to me than that people… I'm breaking the chains of the democratic party, and taking myself and my family, off their plantation, into freedom. I'm voting for Trump this year. The Democrats can not be trusted or respected any longer.

  9. Avatar

    Dementia Joe's handlers must have had something to say to him. 😉

  10. Avatar
    Broken Winged Phoenix

    She said they were running out of time and he looked at his watch. Big deal.

  11. Avatar

    TRUMP 2020! 🇺🇸 make liberals cry again

  12. Avatar

    Your organization is a damn joke making THIS a video. I wish I could Downvote this 100x

  13. Avatar

    It was in response to moderators comment about time, dimwits

  14. Avatar

    A president can't control climate or changes to it. Stupidest question of them all. God changes the climate or doesn't.

  15. Avatar

    Oops, thats a bad sign…just ask Bush Senior!

  16. Avatar

    He received a text on his watch.

  17. Avatar

    Congratulations to the moderator of the second presidential debate. This is true journalism, the journalist cannot take the side not of one or the other, he must be impartial. The worst moderators I have ever seen are the moderator of the first debate and Savannah, a journalist disaster

  18. Avatar

    Sundowners is real.

  19. Avatar

    I'd be checking my watch too, wondering how many more minutes I have to breath the same air as the SOB standing to my right. Dumpity lied, ppl died, Republican'ts hide. Damn them to the black hole for eternity 👹

  20. Avatar

    A signal to antifa hahaha

  21. Avatar

    Don’t mess with Trump. He is the one who can save the America. He needs the support from us. You don’t want to be owned by China. Can be horrible future for America and the Whole World. You don’t want the One World Order. America is a free Country. No Democrats aloud to destroy the freedom.

  22. Avatar

    Biden is TOAST. Only question left is- how many Dems will embarrass themselves by skipping Trump's Inauguration again.

  23. Avatar

    Loser Biden! He's gonna get creamed!

  24. Avatar

    He was like Gmtfo 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  25. Avatar

    His watch is probably a teleprompter.

  26. Avatar

    It probably dispensed his meth

  27. Avatar

    USA Today: is coverage of the vetted information from Hunter's laptop and of Tony Bobulinski forthcoming!?!

    Or are you guys just CCP hacks pretending to be journalists?

  28. Avatar
    Christopher Pearson

    MSDNC [DS] (scripted) MSM Mockingbird Faked News & Public Disinformation w/ Mainstream Social Media N/Ws = YT Twit FB Wiki doing Censorship of Real News & Public Information across all 'boards and channels' in order to ensure their [VR] 4 year 'tirade' of Lies & Obfuscation of Forensic Facts stick w/ their TV mind controlled audience. Joe Biden presents a 'tirade' of barefaced lies in staged events that only a brainwashed public would consent. Obstructing the People's access to Real & Critical Information is going into O/D!

  29. Avatar

    Time for bed sleepy Joe?

  30. Avatar

    Biden admitted nothing was done cause they had a republican congress, what happens if Biden wins and have a republican congress, is that mean nothing will get done again. 🤔

  31. Avatar

    Support Legislation in the USA to BAN COURT ORDERED RAPE

  32. Avatar

    Bruh why does this have so many dislikes

  33. Avatar

    As if he had somewere to be?
    More like how long can we run deflection off of me and my son!? 🤔🤗😜

  34. Avatar
    Liberals Hate America

    Almost time to take those Alzheimer’s meds

  35. Avatar

    He was checking what year it is.

  36. Avatar

    Nwo georgia guide stones agenda21 depopulation operation dark winter chemtrails id2020…if you control the food you control humans, if you control the weather you control the world. Tick tock tick tock…the big one is coming and humans are fast asleep

  37. Avatar

    Joe Biden outbursts reminded me of my grandpa when he had Alzheimer’s.

  38. Avatar

    I'd wager he has a list of canned responses and talking points listed out, receiving texts telling him which is the best retort.

  39. Avatar

    Biden checked his watch when the moderator said we were running out of time.

  40. Avatar

    Joe is wondering when Ukraine will have the rest of his money 💰

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