Jobs Will Be Missed | iGenius

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs inspired and innovated for decades.

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darkj3an November 8, 2011 - 1:15 AM

hes legendary?? how about the guy who invented c and linux?? the guy who invented the TRANSISTOR?! not even WOZNIAK??!! :P they should had given mor credit than jobs.. kids should learn it in school.. history of technology!

WoWpallyup November 8, 2011 - 3:57 AM

when i saw the title i thought it had something to do with not having to work anymore :/

modisp November 9, 2011 - 3:29 PM

… srsly this is shit. Transformed our thinking form "Why I really need it" to "I cant live without it". Basically he made more addiction to electronics. Like we dont already have enough. He made stuff for stupid users, that they didnt need to learn anymore. Cool…

Wngx November 10, 2011 - 2:04 AM