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Jobless claims remain high amid 'turbulent' economy: Economist

Former Obama economic adviser Jason Furman on U.S. economy showing signs of recovery ahead of Election Day.

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  1. Avatar

    Corporations don’t pay taxes. They only collect them and pass the cost on down the line

  2. Avatar

    Jobless America.

  3. Avatar

    You can blame the liberal governors and mayors that refuse to open back up for most of that.
    The rest is from lazy people that refuse to work, and instead get a hand-out.

  4. Avatar

    It very awesome numbers. Due to every Demicratic State is not cooperating

  5. Avatar

    Nobody cares about anthing except for locking up Rioters for life in prison. Riot refom. All rioters should be allowed to be shot on sight by store owners

  6. Avatar

    Of course it's still high the process that was destroyed shipping our jobs overseas is a big task that you couldn't handle bringing back but a buissnessman sure can

  7. Avatar

    So we’re gonna compare Clinton taxes to modern times where almost everything can easily be massed produced much much cheaper over seas !!! Businesses will move over seas like they began too during Obama era’s

  8. Avatar

    Where do they get these TDS ppl from.

  9. Avatar

    Democrats thrive in a fearful, dependent environment. They need to be "needed" so they can give people what they think they need in exchange for voter support.

  10. Avatar

    FORMER BIDEN INTERN and Fanboy to Moderate Second Presidential Debate

  11. Avatar

    Well stop paying $600 extra every week then !

  12. Avatar

    This woman tries too hard to look impressive it's pathetic.

  13. Avatar

    FACT; More jobs we're created in the last 3 years under Obama (2.5m/py) than we're created in the 1st 3 years under Trump (2.1m/py) & During the "Great Recession" job loss was never once over 750,000/month, thanks to the stimulus.

  14. Avatar

    Trump will never get the 25% that are lifers on welfare and don't want to work and are lazy bastards…trump will have to work for the rest of it… Trump 20/20 yeah

  15. Avatar

    1:37 I quit my job thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  16. Avatar
    mercedes rodriguez

    And Pelosi still the problem.

  17. Avatar

    Ahhhhhh once again and as always, just another daily dose of nothing but FOX's usual non-stop filthy lying radical Reich-wing anti-American fear-mongering, treachery, and hate-speech!

  18. Avatar

    Wow only a million!! Zip-eddi-doooooooo! Morons 😳

  19. Avatar

    It's not just that Trump is a bad president. It's that he's a bad person. He can't even denounce white supremacy.

  20. Avatar
    Gigi Amazing Life

    Of course they will be high. They are being paid to be home. Get real people.

  21. Avatar

    Companies are waiting to see if Trump wins and they can hire more or lay more people off if Biden wins.

  22. Avatar

    Good job on asking him the important questions and then challenging him on his nonsense. The only people that will benefit from the increased taxes are those in power, the swamp! Businesses WILL not grow with high taxes and who do companies pass those high taxes on to? Their employees and their customers!!! YES, lets vote for Biden so we can make less money, have less jobs, and then the cost of living goes up and to make matters even worse they plan on taking our freedoms away from use! And don't be naive in thinking they will simply stop when they have completely removed our 2nd amendment rights! Vote for Biden if you enjoy the government telling you how to live. 😠

  23. Avatar

    In democrat cities will be OK November 3

  24. Avatar

    1. NO US Economy
    2. NO Ohio Economy
    3. NO livable wages of $24/Hour and up
    4. NO PPP 100% proof virus mask 😷 + social distancing of 7 feet or more not respected + disinfectant of 71% proof alcohol in limited quantities ( prices too high ) and businesses not using it consistently!
    5. Over 3 million Americans have covid19 or dead
    6. US unemployment is over 70 million Americans and still rising
    7. NO UBI Of $600/Week for life passed into law yet ( capitalism is dead )
    8. ONLY egalitarian leadership ( highest quality of life for all Americans) is the only way to heal the USA!!!

  25. Avatar

    Trump knew he could win if he rallied up all the pple who are too lazy to do their own research on political issues, dont trust anybody, who are quick to judge, who use Tv as their only form of entertainment, who are receptive to marketing. All he had to do was Brand himself with an America flag…and a blind following was born that doesnt trust anything but fox news and russian propaganda. It is sad, the hate they endorse for such fraudulant man. Well he is definitely God on this channel…And you should trust that right???

  26. Avatar

    Donald Trump is a crook!!

  27. Avatar

    Donald Trump is a racist because he refused to rent to black people!!

  28. Avatar

    Donald Trump's policies has lead to a recession!!

  29. Avatar

    Donald Trump's trade war has lead to a recession!!

  30. Avatar

    This guy has a nasty & condescending personality/attitude.

  31. Avatar

    He’s been talking crap 💩

  32. Avatar

    Trump, who called COVID-19 a 'hoax 🤥

  33. Avatar
    nolan engineering

    Survivability rate at an all time high for Covid. Cases up 8%—deaths down 16%.

  34. Avatar

    What in the hell is John Roberts problem. He needs to go on Cavutos show two of a kind. Shep Smith would be proud of Mr.Roberts.

  35. Avatar

    We're not racist here at Fox it's just our script writers who are 🤭

  36. Avatar

    Obama's reduced unemployment from almost 10% to 4.9% when he left, Trump further reduced it to 3.7% and then crashed to more than 10% yet he has done so much more than Obama right?
    Ok fine lets not count pandemic! Can someone please calculate the slope at which these two reduced unemployment? Anyone educated in mathematics. Change in unemp=5.1% and number of years=8years for obama. Change in unemp=1.2% and number of years=4 for Trump. Keep in mind these are pre pandemic numbers. If you include pandemic, Trump's economy is even worse than Bush's economy.

    I am waiting for some calculations!

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