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Jeremy Lin breaks down over NBA free agency: 'it just keeps getting more rock bottom'

A tearful Jeremy Lin said he has hit rock bottom as the 30-year-old former NBA phenom struggles to catch on with a team in free agency after winning a championship this summer with the Toronto Raptors. Speaking to a Christian group in Taipei, Taiwan on Sunday, Lin said he feels the NBA has given up on him and admitted he faces an uncertain future. Lin was part of the Toronto Raptors team that won the NBA championship, but the struggling and oft-injured guard was benched for the playoffs. He said he was embarassed not to have made a contribution and didn’t feel he earned the title of NBA champion. Lin said if he ever has a son, he hopes he will not make the NBA, where your “life and failures are on display to the entire world”.  But Lin hoped his speech would motivate others to not give up in the face of adversity.
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  1. Avatar

    After a crazy summer, who rules the NBA? ► https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/jul/19/nba-contenders-free-agency

  2. Avatar

    Tell me why I never saw Lin on the court for the raptors

  3. Avatar

    He is a clutch shooter and he does not deserve free agency

  4. Avatar

    Jeremy you're a true identity is not on the external side of things, you are an inspiration to many. Keep you're head up brother!! You're inpiration comes from above. We love you!@

  5. Avatar

    How could you give up on this man, he’s so humble, kind, and talented in basketball.

  6. Avatar

    The league did this dude dirty. He went from a relaxed humble dude who kept pushing no matter what to being a broken man.

  7. Avatar

    Honestly Lin just needs to prove himself by going over seas and becoming the Michael Jordan of Spain or something but he doesn’t have the patience, he just wants to play in the nba and that attitude ruined his great career

  8. Avatar

    NBA racist to Asian American

  9. Avatar

    Someone sign this man

  10. Avatar

    Never waive kobe again man.

  11. Avatar

    Bro! There are many players that made the NBA and didn’t play.

  12. Avatar

    Keep your head up king u didn’t fail, the nba failed u

  13. Avatar

    This guy makes millions a year and he says life is hard cuz no one wants to give him more millions. No disrespect to him I know he works hard and hard but anyone else in his shoes would be happy.

  14. Avatar

    Did u see the girl were a mask that remembers on corona

  15. Avatar

    Ohh china in 2019 has corona

  16. Avatar

    That sucks. Espn and all nba athletes put him on up as great. with linsantiy. Obviously fans dont stick around for too long. Especially when all espn covers is bigger names and forgets about the others who also have great talent.

  17. Avatar

    We love you Lin thanks for inspiring all of us Asians

  18. Avatar

    always my idol–even in his failure he gives hope

  19. Avatar

    The translation is well off

  20. Avatar

    Regardless he is an Asian legend lol. When linsanity happened, all of the Asians across the world came together like he was the second coming of Bruce Lee. He made the asian community proud and he has a ring to show for it. He went so far on such a crazy career hopefully he finds peace of mind.

  21. Avatar

    Linsanity was the best knicks moment over decades .

  22. Avatar

    Knicks better hang up his jersey in the rafters…

  23. Avatar

    Why tf is Jared Dudley on an nba team

  24. Avatar

    Who else saw that lady with that mask

  25. Avatar

    For some reason they have this cheesy music not background

  26. Avatar

    I've got a ton of admiration for you man. Keep your head up. You're one of my basketball role models. Greetings from the Philippines. 🇵🇭🏀👋

  27. Avatar

    Admit it americans didn't want the asians dominate their own game

  28. Avatar

    Damn Lin having it rough 1 year removed out of the NBA.

  29. Avatar

    He earned it he played hard his whole career but Carmelo and the nba ruined it

  30. Avatar

    Lin is Probably The greatest honest unselfish Player I have seen in my life and I think He should still be in the nba Carmelo Fell off but Jeremy Lin Could save the knicks

  31. Avatar

    Lin is Probably The greatest honest unselfish Player I have seen in my life and I think He should still be in the nba Carmelo Fell off but Jeremy Lin Could save the knicks

  32. Avatar

    He got Kicked out because his ashian by racist people

  33. Avatar

    It’s just so hard to keep watching this and getting so emotional bro, this man right here inspired me to try to take basketball seriously, bro I can’t take this

  34. Avatar

    I guess there's not much of a demand for bench warmers haha

  35. Avatar

    He’s balling out in China, he better come back next year to the nba stronger

  36. Avatar

    "LIFe iS hArD". dude. you have millions in your bank account right now. you don't have to worry about rent/mortgage. I understand that it is sad. But saying your life is "hard" is an insult to regular people.

  37. Avatar

    Respect ♥️💯 he can always bounce back

  38. Avatar
    Orlando Woolridge

    The nba didn’t give up on Carmelo tho lmao

  39. Avatar

    As an asian kid from New York watching Lin pop off with the Knicks. Honestly, he was a role model to me. It's a shame the NBA did him dirty.

  40. Avatar

    This dude's humility is better than kobe's but respect to kobe his one of the best player in NBA but not in being nice to teammates. Rip kobe

  41. Avatar
    Oh yeah yeah yeah

    NBA is racist and had strong prejudices against this guy. No one points it out cause it's majority black people and apparently they can't be racist.

  42. Avatar

    The NBA is a racist and arrogant organisation, end of! Considering they try to promote equality, they need to be looked into.

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