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Jeremy Corbyn's last PMQs as leader of the opposition amid coronavirus outbreak – as it happened

Boris Johnson is expected to answer questions in parliament as the UK remains under partial lockdown amid the coronavirus outbreak

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  1. Avatar

    Thank goodness for that all he done along with the SNP CLOWN was try to belittle the government with stupid meaningless questions glad to see back of worst so called LABOUR leader ever 💩💩

  2. Avatar

    I hope Jeremy Corbyn takes coronavirus and keels over.

  3. Avatar

    I know a lot of people don’t like Corbyn, but I’ve always loved him. He’s sincere, authentic, and kind. Second Referendum killed his chances though. Bad bad mistake

  4. Avatar

    WHO fund is gonna be ready after 15 days and vaccine too

  5. Avatar

    Close the borders!!! Why do we still have flights coming in from Iran, Italy and China?!?!?!?!

  6. Avatar

    Why aren't they wearing masks?

  7. Avatar

    And like a fart in the wind Mr Corbyn was no more.

  8. Avatar

    Thank you for your service Mr Corbyn, you did wonders for the Tory party. I'm grateful.

  9. Avatar

    My sisters partner is being forced to return to work tomorrow. They have 3 children… Tories out!

  10. Avatar

    Eh Corbyn? Judging from the number of deaths in the UK and London and from the rising numbers of the infection, I guess Agrawal and Obama, etc their German fellows and burglars in Cologne have missed out on the minor issue called Corona outbreak. Special thanks for the Corona infection thanks to their burglaries. Just a minor…

  11. Avatar

    Boris being a complete gentleman corbyn being his usual arrogant self

  12. Avatar

    4 months later he's STILL their leader. Can you imagine these plonkers trying to run a country? 40 years of promising free stuff and all he actually delivered was a massive tory majority

  13. Avatar

    Its just another name for 5g. Tryn to hlf the population!

  14. Avatar

    The British absolutely deserve the Tories. Long may they reign.

  15. Avatar

    It's such a shame to see him go, if it wasn't for Brexit he would have surely won the election in 2019. Now Keir Starmer will come and ruin everything, he is just so boring

  16. Avatar

    they are all going to be infected they are crammed in like sardines

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