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Jeremy Corbyn uses final PMQs to press Boris Johnson on coronavirus response

Jeremy Corbyn pushed Boris Johnson for clarity on government guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic in his last PMQs as leader of opposition. The prime minister said he agreed with Corbyn’s final point he said people are having to make a sacrifice, but they are doing so gladly
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  1. Avatar

    The Government asked for 250,000 people to volunteer assisting the NHS.
    Within hours 170,000 has signed up.
    The UK is stepping up to the challenge…

  2. Avatar

    Why isn't Corbyn asking i) how did this virus be allowed to enter the UK? ii) what are the forecasts and modeling they are working to?

  3. Avatar

    The Guardian: a dirty far left newspaper. Don’t be like the Guardian.

  4. Avatar

    Anyone who doesn't have bogroll, steal some Gaurdian newspapers.

    I suppose it goes without saying that you wouldn't pay for it.

  5. Avatar

    Please watch 8 videos of Jim Nduruchi

  6. Avatar

    BoJo: "we're gladly making that sacrifice". Is he speaking in the name of people who emptied the shelves in all supermarkets?

  7. Avatar

    Can Corbyn now get lost please, he is the prime example of captain hindsight.

  8. Avatar

    Airports open, builders merchants ? What kinda lockdown is this. C'mon Boris do it right please

  9. Avatar

    I hope Jeremy Corbyn takes coronavirus and kicks the bucket.

  10. Avatar

    Leave Johnson alone.. Did you see how tired he looked the other day at abt 6pm live interviews!? Poor great man

  11. Avatar

    British chosen this rubbish jhonson.another reason why ppl hate British.

  12. Avatar

    😢😢😢😭😭😭😢😢😓 😢😓

  13. Avatar

    Stay at home 🏡 🙏🏼🙏🏼😷

  14. Avatar

    I think boris needs to invest in a lint roller

  15. Avatar

    Corbyn heading up to the backbenches now

  16. Avatar

    löl thöse seat gritz R there to insüre öll the inDjä!n blätt skimmß öff – .-

  17. Avatar

    The goverment hope to provide help with mental health

  18. Avatar

    Fact being,if whoever takes news from the guardian seriously, they need to be locked up.

  19. Avatar

    At the time of this comment, there are 126 covid 19 related deaths in South Korea. There are 435 in the UK. Johnson has failed already. His government has mismanaged this crisis so that we've experienced 4 times as many deaths as a country with a smaller GDP which practically shares a land border with China. The cases being treated, and dying, at the moment are the direct result of the government's "Take it on the chin" go-to-a-hospital-and-shake-hands-with-a-patient strategy.

  20. Avatar

    Corbyn would have flunked this outbreak. Useless and weak to his core beyond the nice words

  21. Avatar

    bolis is failed in Corona lockdown

  22. Avatar

    Borris: If you're to leave the house, only do so with members of your household. Avoid all social events.
    Also Borris: Holds a social event daily to talk about not going to social events

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