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Jeffrey Toobin on impeachment trial: Trump is winning here

CNN legal analysts Jeffrey Toobin and Preet Bharara react to President Donald Trump’s legal team opening arguments lasting under two hours on Saturday morning.
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    Trump is losing. That's just what he does.

  2. Avatar

    When trump wins America loses.

  3. Avatar

    This is first non fake news on CNN in 4 years.

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    🇺🇸Will Republicans go down in history implementing the law and hold Trump accountable while the world is watching…Or as Co conspirators …just for Super Pacs?? 🇺🇸

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    Got to admit. We saw this coming 2 months ago with a senate majority being Republicans

  6. Avatar

    Because there IS no defense! You cannot defend the indefensible. Also, Trump admitted it on the White House lawn. We all heard him, did we not?

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    The tape recording should end Trump's presidency but Republicans are a crime family.

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    Fuck Trump and fuck all of you immoral, weak-minded dipshits who still support the King of Doucheboggery. Get fucked, you fucking fucks!!!

  9. Avatar

    I like you buddy, but sod off. Stop pushing R narrative.

  10. Avatar

    Trumps a natural loser. His dead father would say so

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    That's because Nancy won't impeach for war crimes like in Tulsi's censure.

  12. Avatar

    I googled terrorism and a picture of CNN popped up

  13. Avatar

    Democrats have recordings of Trump's CRIMINAL activities 📢🙌#removepotus45

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    This is horrible! The Republicans are not letting really important documents get seen at the Senate, the Republicans are colluding with the president. This is absolutely atrocious. How can you band evidence from being allowed in the courtroom

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    Trump is guilty, he's admitted he did it. He is just too stupid to understand that it was wrong. And it probably helps that he has no moral compass or understanding of the Constitution. So no he is not winning.

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    Can anybody really get to the bottom of truth anymore? Ted Koppel tells Sean Hannity that he is bad for America because he attracts people who believe ideology is more important than facts. I remember a man telling me he could blaspheme against the Holy Spirit because he was an Indian and was deeper in spirit than everyone else. How does this work? It works because Ted Koppel's is right, any writer knows you need truth to get to the bottom of the story to show what is going on. In this country, you have a religion based on opinions or to put it another way alternative facts. Opinions only need attitudes to make it what it is so truth cannot work against them (there is no bottom that lives in a virtual reality world). Claiming to be real in the real world Virtual reality can only work on a computer that has no soul. When politicians and their preachers tells the world that greed is good you know the only way to prove they are wrong is with the truth. Truth does not follow a lie so there is no way to get to the bottom of this story to fix its problems. The powers that be living today have killed God for all intent and purpose! This is what's happening and bullies are proof that it works. When logic has no place to put itself and fear takes over you know the only answer lives with ones and zeros (to be or not to be… Violence) so you might as well get a gun you're going to need it! The only way you can use God to stop this travesty is if you can talk God into making a miracle. Not getting to the bottom truth and hate goes free and this is what you have today.

  17. Avatar

    Just keep talking Schiff. Just keep talking…..

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