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Jeffrey Toobin: New Yorker investigates nude Zoom call mishap | USA TODAY

The New Yorker suspends writer Jeffrey Toobin after it was reported that he exposed himself on a Zoom call.

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  1. Avatar

    Big effing deal! He had a technical issue and someone saw him nude. The world will survive and if that’s the worst that can be said of him, stop clutching your pearls people! Nudity is not perverse or immoral. It’s a fact of life.

  2. Avatar

    Even if you thought the mic was off, why would you be so stupid? Trying to retire a****

  3. Avatar
    HERIBERTO Martinez

    CNN will put this pervert in the hall of fame, these are the kind of perverts that CNN hires.

  4. Avatar

    "Nude" and "Masterbating" are not the same…

  5. Avatar

    As a gay black man im voting green party! Im sick of being used by BOTH parties! 👊🏿

  6. Avatar

    "Nude mishap"? Exposed himself? Dude was grippin' and rippin' it. Don't sugar-coat things for this far-left creep. Expose HIM for who he is.

  7. Avatar

    I always knew he was a stupid wanker.

  8. Avatar

    what to expect more from a person from CNN, if they don't touch themselves, they do good to their master the democrats

  9. Avatar

    If Richard Quest can make a comeback on CNN. Jack Off Jeffery should be fine.

  10. Avatar


  11. Avatar

    Now that I've seen his wife, I understand.

  12. Avatar

    I kind of feel for the guy, I mean it's pretty much the single most embarrassing thing someone could to do. If you're a guy, you know the struggle is real. He was just multi-tasking.

  13. Avatar

    Well that's comforting to know not I'm sorry that in happen I'm just sorry I got caught

  14. Avatar

    U can buy escorts for that kind of thing

  15. Avatar


  16. Avatar

    No 'pork slappin, chicken choking' or out of pocket, pool playing' in public!

  17. Avatar

    So the guy rubbed one out…where’s the tragedy?

  18. Avatar
    XXII Elhazaroth Pagangrinder LXXXVIII

    The media lying again to protect their own, he was pleasuring himself and everybody saw it.

  19. Avatar

    After what he did to Cavanaugh he should be fired! He is a disgusting man who suffers from TDS!

  20. Avatar

    It is literally impossible to take CNN seriously.

  21. Avatar

    Even don lemon would have had the decency to close the zoom call, but people like jeffrey know no bounds.

  22. Avatar

    mute video? well try blinding the audio next time.

  23. Avatar

    In his defense, some of the news women he talks to are pretty Hot.
    Apparently at least one of them 'lit the ol boiler' 🤣

  24. Avatar

    He says he made a mistake, but the way he says it, its not that he nuded his toobin, its that he left his cam and audio on.

  25. Avatar

    he did a dumb. You know how people say you should picture the audience in their underwear to give yourself an edge in the room, well this dude one upped that advice and permanently damaged his professional relationships on some level. I mean instantly any power move met with 'remember that time you can strolling in frame completely nude like a doofus'. ITs the new yorker, you think they would come up with an elegant slap.

  26. Avatar

    My official analysis for the media: 0:01 He's holding up both of his hands for all to see. Look at his expression.
    0:12, 0:15 You can't see his hands. Look at that smile!

    0:34 Interesting.


  27. Avatar

    CNN Deserves 100%, he is another Pervert Like Hunter and Joe Biden!

  28. Avatar

    Karma Jeff, sweet karma tugger

  29. Avatar
    Sylvie fan of Sandy

    Put your pants on and try to be less arrogant

  30. Avatar
    Jens Christian Kaltoft

    They will soon say “It’s the Russians fault” 🤷🏻‍♂️😂

  31. Avatar

    Did you hear Jeffrey Toobin plans to open a dry cleaning service? … The motto is "Drop your pants and jacket off now"

  32. Avatar
    Precious Richardson


  33. Avatar

    Journalist should know definition of "mute."

  34. Avatar

    You should of pulled your little guy out in the privacy of your bedroom instead of tugging him along in public ha ha!!! I would die of shame if that was my husband can you imagine she'll always be the wife of Jeff and little man!!! Can't get funnier than that in my god never laughed so hard and here he was talking about trumps faults ha ha!!!!

  35. Avatar

    Uhmmmmmmmm Mishap, my a$$….. One doesn't just start to 'jack off' without some forethought, And, what I wanna know is why these A$$hats he was talking to at the New Yorker did not speak up and tell the F&&kwad what he was doing was being seen allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll over the damn world. DUH.

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