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Japan declares victory over COVID-19, lifts state of emergency

Earlier this week, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe declared victory over COVID-19 in his country and lifted the remaining state of emergency order over the greater Tokyo area. The nation of 126 million people has recorded only roughly 16,000 cases and 800 deaths.

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  1. Avatar

    Thank you for watching Japanese news 😄

  2. Avatar
    The Fozzy Bear

    Japanese people are discipline and follow government orders, In Canada we have yahoos.

  3. Avatar
    Agolf Tweetler

    Japan just undertested, simple as that. Have plenty of family over there, they know better.

  4. Avatar

    what if Japan opens the airport and takes in international flights?

  5. Avatar

    I'm From India stat- Telangana
    Good news 👍 for Japan

  6. Avatar

    This is a pandemic. One country cannot declare victory unless the rest of the world is ready to accept it.

  7. Avatar

    not sure if there are more weebs on the internet or 50 cent army.

  8. Avatar

    As a U S citizen, how nice to hear a well spoken and well informed politician speaking like a concerned human being. Have no way of knowing if he is sincere, but one can hope. In my dreams all things are possible.

  9. Avatar

    I do not think japan is safe.
    they limit the daily test numbers and they don't test on peoples who died from pneumonia…. which mean they really don't know the numbers of peoples are infected in japan.
    japan say they had only 30 cases of infected personals when they conducted only 30 tests that day

  10. Avatar

    It's already a part of Japanese, Chinese and Korean culture to wear face masks. It was normal for them to put them on. People are not used to that concept in Canada and are, for whatever reason, uncomfortable with it.

  11. Avatar

    To be clear, there was a state of emergency, but there was zero lockdown. Citizens just followed advice and didn’t go out unnecessarily, worked from home when possible, avoided mass transit, and always wore masks away from home (like they have been known to do already).

  12. Avatar
    SK Paper Crafts

    That's sound good news for Japan ! and thank for Japan that helping other even you got in to COVID-19. Thank for your good heart 👩‍❤️‍👩Japan👩‍❤️‍👩

  13. Avatar

    They counted those who passed away from Covid-19 as recovered (left the facilities). Japan promotes false media, news and corruption.

  14. Avatar

    Mr. Abe needs to open his eyes and ears cause Japan is far from overcoming this pandemic and nobody knows if they ever will. Feel sorry for people of Japan.

  15. Avatar

    USA: Over 103,000 dead.

  16. Avatar

    FYI: 78000 of the 100,000 US Covid deaths were in Democrat controlled states. Why is this virus attacking the democrats?

  17. Avatar


  18. Avatar
    Skeptical Chris

    How did Japan achieve such results?
    They're lying.
    Japan's government is hardly a role model in truth telling. They will do anything to save face.

  19. Avatar

    Japan can do that …but usa or canada can't ..people won't listen ..no social distancing or mask ..mostly selfish people .

  20. Avatar

    3 months later : 30 million people are infected in Japan

  21. Avatar

    All for the sake of Tokyo Olympics 2021.

  22. Avatar

    No TEST, No VIRUS is a victory, according to Japanese.

    Their brains are cooked up by too much Radiations.

  23. Avatar
    Reginaldo Fulgar

    good old japanese discipline and moral guidance of the Japanese Gov't was the key.

  24. Avatar

    Economists are warning about Japan, nowadays.

  25. Avatar

    2nd wave in some Japanese cities !! Kitakyushuu got a single-day new 40 case spike after having 0 cases for 23 days. Gonna be worse for North American cities considering people don't like to wear masks here.

  26. Avatar

    Japan is awesome. We’re still pumping people full of fear over here for some reason. Don’t be fooled, take advantage of cheap stocks while you can

  27. Avatar

    日本国は 一番です imo, these factors attributed to controllable result : personal hygiene, civility, public norm and most importantly, discipline.

  28. Avatar

    I doubt if CBC had investigated the fact-check before releasing the news.

    We all know what is the truth.

    They are manipulating the data with NO TESTING (possibly for upcoming Tokyo Olympic).

    Most Japanese, in fact, are blindly trusting the media that their government is controlling in the back.

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