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Jane Fonda: Election will determine if ‘future for democracy’ in the US

We spoke to Jane Fonda, symbol of screen and protest, who started her political activism during the Vietnam War and was arrested in Washington DC just last year while protesting about climate change. (Subscribe:

Her new book is called What Can I Do? The Truth About Climate Change And How To Fix It.

We asked her what’s at stake in this election?
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  1. Avatar

    ""We" cannot allow that to happen, "We" cannot accept…"". What is Jane hinting, I wonder, as if she knows something.

  2. Avatar

    I won't call Hanoi Jane a US citizen…

  3. Avatar

    low iq people can never accept reality once they make up their mind that their version is the truth. It is also scientifically proven HUMANS only cry because they can not accept reality…which is why the left is.such a pathetic but fabulous joke to this.day.…incredibly easy to meme..which drives them nuts.too because they firmly.believe they are the smartest and.best at everything …probably because they got a participation sticker every year

    The founding fathers believed that not everyone should be able to.VOTE …the left proves it.daily…

    They are REPROBATEs…an not just in every biblical.sense.of the word but all 50.plus characteristics.

  4. Avatar
    Sandra Laganworth

    Can't wait to see her disappointed. I truly hate this person

  5. Avatar

    I think this election is exactly the same as last time, votes are moving to Trump Republicans are going home, hopefully the Dems will vote in big enough numbers to stop the Republicans winning,

  6. Avatar
    Casanova Stein Frankly

    Who cares lololol

  7. Avatar

    A literal communist being interviewed by someone from England where the leading commie was just suspended for being an anti semite. The irony is palpable.

  8. Avatar

    Trump is a loser. Please vote against this clown show.

  9. Avatar

    Who cares what she thinks?

  10. Avatar
    Fagamalofou Panapa

    Jane Fonda is full of shot…

  11. Avatar
    Dream Pop Television

    This Channel 4 propaganda film is FOREIGN INTERFERENCE IN A U.S. ELECTION

  12. Avatar

    filthy old bag is full of kid's organs, and as a full-body blood transfusion of kid's blood once a month

    the hypocrisy of left Nazis is disgusting

  13. Avatar

    After millions spent on plastic surgery, all that artificial material on her skin. Without doubt developed over the past 50 years with some animal testing.
    This great great grandmother talks like some humble nutural woman..


  14. Avatar

    What does that wizened old Communist know about democracy? Remember the Vietnamese boat people.

  15. Avatar

    "People that support Trump need to be addressed" and "healed". Healed as in changing, or forcing their thinking into Jane Fonda's way. Because why, they aren't going to go away, using force is how "They" will make them disappear for not thinking like Jane. …. "He's our president, "We" have to force…'" Is Jane hinting if Biden is president, he is the one that can be forced to do what the "We" wants done? Who is the "We" she is really talking about.

  16. Avatar
    The most beautiful Backgrounds


  17. Avatar

    This thing is over! Disgusting she is! Fonda Hates America. Oh she knows so much about the climate, and jobs. This sub housewife is voting all red for the first time in my life! Trump 2020! Despair to you Fonda! 🤢🤮🤣😂

  18. Avatar

    Why do people care about the opinions of multimillionaire celebs who have absolutely nothing in common with us plebs.

  19. Avatar

    She hasn't gotten any more wisdom over the years. She is still the same old 1960's Hanoi Jane. Maybe she will finally move to Hanoi where she can be close to her beloved comrades. I hear they give great face lifts there.

  20. Avatar

    Hanoi Jane talking about democracy! What a laugh!

  21. Avatar

    She is responsible for prisoners of war being beaten to death.

  22. Avatar

    It’s going to be amazing when he wins

  23. Avatar

    Go live in Hanoi you traitor. Trump 2020!

  24. Avatar

    I love her but I don't think it is ok to campaign for one in politics…she can promote to plant forests and speak up against destroying nature.But we all know they not gonna do much about it.

  25. Avatar
    Judge Orwell 1984

    Future of democracy depends on acceptance of who wins.No matter who that is,even if its not who you want,otherwise you are not a democrat,but you are a hypocrite and a liar.

  26. Avatar

    Oh thank the lord Communist Hanoi jane dont like OUR President

  27. Avatar

    The Dunning Kruger Effect in full display. She is also a misandrist.

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