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James Blunt – The Truth [Official Video]

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  1. Avatar

    oh so many women are giving you the light)))

  2. Avatar

    you got me at there is a lonely road

  3. Avatar

    Honestly I would like to see Him and Alan Walker making a song together

  4. Avatar

    Nothing to see on the mpv.. but so much to hear

  5. Avatar

    Trying to remake bonfire heart so hard

  6. Avatar

    5 miles away is my most favourite track on that album

  7. Avatar

    I loved it and it's stuck in my mind😍😍

  8. Avatar

    Can anyone who disliked the video tell me why you did it?

  9. Avatar

    This song is amazing as is the album. I love your music James, you are the best!

  10. Avatar

    Everytime he matches my life experiences . It's so relatable

  11. Avatar

    Void JoshHastickDaveDaysWeezerPetShopBoys 🧾 copyright infringement engine3recordings!

  12. Avatar

    Sempre evoluindo James! 🙏🏼👏👏👏

  13. Avatar

    One of the best song writers on the planet

  14. Avatar

    When he looks that camera up and down though…. I felt the fire 😂😭

  15. Avatar

    Capo total James blunt Saludos desde cba Argentina

  16. Avatar

    For me, it’s too late realizing the truth.

  17. Avatar

    Tienes una voz jodidamente hermosa :<

  18. Avatar

    It is incredible I hope you present South America greetings from BOGOTA COLOMBIA

  19. Avatar

    2:27 lol, he made a "nope, im outta here" turn to the shopkeeper XD

  20. Avatar

    I like his song because of soft energy put inside. Btw I invite on my series about self-awareness, reading minds, ect.

  21. Avatar

    Your beautiful that's for sure. James.

  22. Avatar

    Another masterpiece! Bring us more of goodness James!

  23. Avatar

    legally john harkey wouldnt give up the hold

  24. Avatar

    This song was published the same date as my birthday… Thanks James for making my birthday a wonderful birthday…

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