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Jake Tapper: Trump has tenuous relationship with the truth but this is something else

CNN’s Jake Tapper reacts to a report that President Trump directed NOAA to defend his incorrect claim about Hurricane Dorian’s path. #CNN #News

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  1. Avatar

    oh its being weapenized,but not by trump

  2. Avatar

    Oh come on,just because the NOAA debunked your crap CNN?

  3. Avatar

    OMG what happened to reporting daily NEWS

  4. Avatar

    This clearly points out that this clown doesn't want to be president when his real goal is to become a dictator.

  5. Avatar

    It's sad now that I have to write off humans based on the fact they associate with Trump. I'm disappointed that there aren't fewer disgusting creatures on this planet.

  6. Avatar

    If trumps lips are moving, he's lying. I don't really care how Bolton got gone. I am just glad he is gone. Bah bye warmonger!!!!

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    7:09 This guy is essentially saying he's willing to accept the long-term damage Trump is doing to Americans' ability to trust in our democratic institutions for the short-term gains of Trump's policy decisions. Which seems really short-sighted, selfish, and stupid.

  8. Avatar

    When he repeats an answer, he is guilty. One of his tells

    "I never did that, I never did that" …..

  9. Avatar

    Let's step up the impeachment proceedings. Fire Trump.

  10. Avatar

    CNN, why is it you have 99% white journals featured and one person of color (Nima Elbagir) in your television self promoting commercial, and, why do you have most of the close ups on mostly the white kids in your anti-slavery television campaign commercial? You don't even show Don Lemon. And where is your great and smart reporter, Abby Phillips, in your commercials?

  11. Avatar

    How bout them North Carolina polls! Talk about a tenuous relationship with the truth! KAG 2020!

  12. Avatar

    LOLOLOLOLOL No Russiagate…. Sharpie-gate will be the one! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  13. Avatar

    You people disgust me. 9/11 amnesia? I unlike you people remember 9/11 like it was yesterday. I lost two cousins that day. You people over at CNN or waste of Flesh. Stop sucking up oxygen that the rest of us need to survive go somewhere and die a slow and painful death !! Do the rest of us a favor.

  14. Avatar

    CNN = tabloid-quality "news" for low-IQ leftists.

  15. Avatar

    Rather than admit to making an honest mistake, this "president" doctored a map, got into a Twitter feud with the NWA, threatened a weather monitoring agency with terminating employment if they did not back Trump's false claims, and the American people can no longer even trust the accuracy of a weather forecast. He has politicized a weather forecast.
    Why can't his cultists see just how insane Donald Trump is? It's absolutely surreal and bizarre.
    I knew from day 1 that this would be a disastrous presidency, I just didn't expect it to be THIS bad. The Republican party should be ashamed and embarrassed of being complicit in this lunatic and his attack on reality, on democracy, on the weather, and on the English language. Have you read his tweets? My god, it's like a 3rd grader is writing his tweets.
    How much longer must we endure this insanity, hmm? How much longer? Because I'm exhausted. This is exhausting. The truth is the enemy and lies are not. It's all so very disturbing and

  16. Avatar

    i bet he had a weather plane in the middle of the hurricane live sec by sec,at that very moment ,and its link to all the other weather headquarters ,so if he did report the weather he was was getting the imformation before it was on tv,horse on you again ,but better than in yah

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    UR A big mistake TRUMP an we can't seem to get rid of YOU. Da way U seem to be able to keep getting rid of Ur own staff. God if we were only so lucky 🙏…

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    The man cannot tell the truth about anything. Trump is not a narcissist, he is a psychopath. He is dangerous. The Vice-President is controlled by a messianic complex. That’s pretty discouraging. Time to put Orwell on a prescribed reading list!

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    The president is FAKE! He's a LIAR, a RACIST and WEAK! He's most likely WRONG and always STUPID. Why is this grotesque and ridiculous MORON still in my White House? Get out you assinine DOUCHE!

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    What the fuck is wrong with this guy.. hes fucking stupid.. he think sound gives you cancer -_-

  21. Avatar

    Love that graphic behind Jake: the crooked White House sliding downhill — likely into a sinkhole.

  22. Avatar

    Can someone please explain to me why he wants Dorian to hit Alabama so badly? What benefit would he get by claiming Alabama will be hit?

  23. Avatar

    Why do CULT45 Trump followers not recognize that every time they deny he's a compulsive liar, they are lying? Duh.

  24. Avatar

    I didn't hear of anyone evacuating from Alabama, not even Trump supporters. No one really believes this guy.

  25. Avatar

    Here he is ….
    The Criminal, The Pig, and The Traitor aka a stable genius !!

  26. Avatar

    President is a MORON and a LIAR. He is getting worse

  27. Avatar

    😂😂😂 well we will know when he gets fired

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