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Jake Tapper: Lindsey Graham won't read these … it's his job.

CNN’s Jake Tapper examines the political evolution of Sen. Lindsey Graham as his messages surrounding impeachment and President Donald Trump change.

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    Graham could not shine McCains shoes. Zero integrity

  2. Avatar

    Mama Lindsey Graham should be removed from his office. South Carolina should be ashamed voting for a Bitch like Mama Lindsey Graham. Nobody believe in the Constitution anymore. Just a bunch of fake Ass Patriots


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    these cowardly creatures run the most powerful country on earth? what a joke ha ha ha

  4. Avatar

    Graham, just do your job and read the paperwork. Love, America

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    “Americans see through this sham impeachment process, despite the Democrats’ efforts to retroactively legitimize it last week,” House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes (R-CA) wrote to House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA), arguing that it is essential that the American people hear from witnesses – like Biden, Biden’s business partner Devon Archer, and the “whistleblower” – in order to “provide transparency” to Schiff’s “otherwise opaque and unfair process.” Nunes’ letter included a list of witness House Republicans want  testify at next week’s inaugural open impeachment hearings, including the younger Biden, his long time business partner Devon Archer and Alexandra Chalupa, a former Democratic National Committee Schiff staffer who worked with the Ukrainian Embassy in Washington, DC.

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    Oh no lindsey wont read the transcript.Well then lets get on with impeachment of the president.

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    I really think it's deeper than what you guys are thinking. About Lindsey Graham I really think Donald Trump has something on him and some of the other Republicans. Buy them staying at his hotels and being in his company off work hours. Just think about it, it doesn't make any sensefor these men to back someone who is obviously lying about everything. Plus stealing money plus using the office for his own game political game at that in his family. Making money off of the presidency. It's more than that he has something on these men and they need to figure out what it is. And fast and I mean really fast because some just don't smell right here. I remember I said something is not right the president has something on these men and I hope you guys find out what it is.

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    What exactly do the Repugnants want?? Answer= Have their 🤢turd cake and eat it, that's what.. Hope they choke on it.

  9. Avatar

    Graham is corruption personified

  10. Avatar

    Would you want your nose rubbed into a steaming pile of shit Trump created? Dude is there to collect his check for as long as he can then retire……he's so done with his career.

  11. Avatar

    Wow 😳
    Not Shocking at all, coming from the Republican Party. 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️

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    John McCain is rolling in his grave SMH

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    I'm reading the testimonies that have been released and he's NOT? omfg

  14. Avatar

    Ans it's CNN job to report the truth! Or a different truth depending who they are pandering to.

  15. Avatar

    Jake's has become my favorite among these type of programs.
    I miss the power of Ted Koppel's late night broadcasts.
    Now-a-days, cowards will not show up to face any hard questioning

  16. Avatar

    Lindsey had been for sale, like his dad Mitch both lairs.

  17. Avatar

    How can he say it’s bs if he hasn’t read the reports? (Which incidentally is his duty)

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    #LeningradLindsey must be voted out, he is a traitor. Such a weird and vile loser

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    they are going to go back to so what these things happen all the time. But congress approved the money the president doesnt get to override congress except in specific things stated in the constitution.

  20. Avatar

    So then y r we paying our hard earned tax $s to GRAHAM😖😠🖕🏽🖕

  21. Avatar

    Graham doesn't want to get cornered by the truth. Otherwise, he won't be able to defend the indefensible and stay on Trump's good side.

  22. Avatar

    Democrat voters are being lied to daily by fake news. I feel sorry for democrats voters because they don't realize what is coming. Just because of fake news. TRUMP 2020

  23. Avatar

    Stop voting for Republicans if you want this country to move forward in a positive way.

  24. Avatar

    Wow, what an asshat. Maybe he doesn't want to do his job??

  25. Avatar

    Sure Mrs. Graham is a unavailable to appear. He's a coward. Or he's getting dementia like Trump or both. And he also said he won-t read the transcripts of the calls. Boy, that's real open-minded. Madam Senator Graham has things to hide. Like the $800,000 of Russian campaign donations & MORE. Here's wagering that the Russians have videos & photos of Lindsey in some rather highly embarassing contortions & positions of a sexual nature that they would not hesitate to release if Lindsey doesn't tow the Trump line. The Russians are masters at this. They've been doing it for 90 years. That is the only way, it seems, to explain Lindsey's abrupt about faces on issues.

  26. Avatar

    Someone knows something. No one has an about face in this manner. This is beyond vexing.

  27. Avatar

    Boom!!! 💥 the truth hurts Senator

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    How many democrats have been expelled from Congress for being traitors?

  29. Avatar

    Graham is just as corrupt as trump, a real scumbag

  30. Avatar

    A few round of golf, chocolate cake @ Mara largo, and a whisper in his ears saying # BE LOYAL

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