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Jack Whitehall pays tribute to Caroline Flack at Brit awards

The host of this year’s Brit awards Jack Whitehall pays tribute to Caroline Flack, the former presenter of Love Island who is understood to have taken her own life on Saturday. 
He described her as a ‘kind and vibrant person with an infectious sense of fun’.

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  1. Avatar

    She was a kind of violent person don't you mean

  2. Avatar

    So what we have learned so far from the totally pointless Brit awards is all native Europeans are racist, the prime minister of GB is for some reason racist, women have all been sidelined by male performers, regardless of the fact that nominations are based on talent and not gender (by the way there are only 2 genders) and it’s ok to be morbidly obese. After 1.5 hours all we have seen are warbling females…. its just awful, uncool, and boring. Show saved by a Caucasian Hetro Older Male, who had whole audience singing along. — Sir Rod

  3. Avatar

    Can we move on already?

    I didn't know her, you didn't know her. I care about as much as I do any other domestic abuser committing suicide.

  4. Avatar

    A full 22 seconds of a speech. Well done brits. Well… done 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️

  5. Avatar

    Some of these comments are disgusting! Should be ashamed of yourselves, ppl like you are the reason this has happened! RIP Caroline flack, you will be very missed

  6. Avatar

    Nobody cares about these self adoring parasites…..and the guardian?….PAHAHAHAHA 🤣🤣🤣

  7. Avatar

    Kind people don't smash lamps over others. She sounded awful. How is this domestic abuser now the poor victim?

  8. Avatar

    So "kind" people smash lamps over their loved ones heads. FM if you're a pretty white woman in this country you can get away with anything. Domestic violence is ok as long as the victim is a man…

  9. Avatar

    His name is Jack Whitehall and he is magnificent

  10. Avatar

    Would we be having this conversation if it where not someone from a TV show. Have we forgotten that the boyfriend was in bed asleep. That the Police took evidence from the scene and that the CPS decided on grounds of reasonable believe to press ahead with a court case. Would we be having this very same conversation if it where a man that had committed this. It is very unfortunate that KF has committed suicide but the facts should not be forgotten. It seems to me that an awful lot of people are on the bandwagon and feeling the need to be sheep.

  11. Avatar

    The comments underneath this video are appalling. Shame on you for paying so little respect to a woman who was so destroyed by similar treatment that she took her own life.

  12. Avatar

    If I were to pick a word to describe flack , the last word I'd ever pick is " Kind"" , it's crazy that domestic violence, seems to get brushed under the rug , when it comes to a woman violently attacking a man……

  13. Avatar

    She was a kind and violent person more like

  14. Avatar

    Sad for her family BUT!! I'm sure in a few months her bf will sell his story for a million and then be caught with his pants down with another women, or a bloke it is 2020 🤟🤟

  15. Avatar

    Hope some sympathy was also expressed for her violently abused / assaulted boyfriend who must be suffering at this time.

  16. Avatar

    "she was a kind and vibrant person" Violent drunk more like, nice try trying to change history.

  17. Avatar

    RIP Caroline 🌼🌷🌺💜🌻💗🌸💙

  18. Avatar

    I doubt if a man battered his partner to a bloody pulp he wouldn't be getting this tribute

  19. Avatar

    I know the world has their opinions so here's mine open and honest this hit me like she was one of my own when I first heard the death of caroline I liked her a lot and thought she did her job well not to mention her beautiful smile and attractive personality she drew me in and won my heart for real just remember people no matter what … in a world where you can be anything, be kind 💔-❤🌍😘🙏😊

  20. Avatar

    Pathetic simp expressing sympathy for a woman who killed herself because she couldn't face the consequences of going to court for allegation of domestic abuse towards a man.

  21. Avatar

    a problem shared is a problem halfed. remember this guys

  22. Avatar

    What’s with these tributes. What I witnessed tonight was displays of artists who don’t give a damn . Witnessed racism against the English in england. DISGUSTING.

  23. Avatar

    sad n all but are people forgetting that she smashed a lamp over her mans head when he was asleep? and probably topped herself because she couldnt face going to court? a bloke in the same position would have been jailed quickly and got no praise at all, especially if hed dated a 17 y/o when he was 31. one rule for pretty middle class women, another for the rest of us

  24. Avatar

    Dave. Should be in prison for slander , not awarded for racism. I could not spot a white person on stage a moment of madness. NOT ART OR MUSIC PURE POLITICS. The worst Brits ever.

  25. Avatar

    This is why male victims still cannot speak out

  26. Avatar

    Jack Whitehall is useless and not funny can't they get someone else to do the brits

  27. Avatar

    It’s scary how quickly people move on…

  28. Avatar

    Way better than last Yr and previous yrs

  29. Avatar

    Not gonna lie I always found her irritating and self centred. I wonder if she’ll do that annoying slow mo walk on the stairs to heaven?

  30. Avatar

    Can we just say 24 second clips of news are kind of wack – keep that sort of lengths for memes and leave it at that

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