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Jack-Jack Makes Cookie Num-Nums! | Incredibles 2 | Cooking With Pixar

In this episode of Cooking With Pixar, Jack-Jack helps out in the kitchen to bring us a cookie recipe that’s sure to be super! The Incredibles and Incredibles 2 are now streaming on Disney+!

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    I am a very big fan of incredibles.I am 14 years old.
    I will really try making cookie num num at home😄😄

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    Da mano presenta PR

    I love the animation, i miss 2D Movies. (Ahh the memories…)

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    I’m sorry for using your Finding Nemo clips. I didn’t really mean it. Can you ever forgive me? 🥺 P.S., If so, then may I please use you mascot Luxo, Jr. for a short series I’m gonna make called Luxo, Jr. Goes Gaming? If so, thanks. I hope that you will like it. I’ll give you credit.

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    James The Splendid Red Engine #5


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    Wobble incredible 3

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    Never let a recipe tell you how many chocolate chips to add. You measure that with your heart.

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    characters timon , pumbaa , simba , nala , trixie the flamengo , dJPoP the platypus

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    Villans:lucy , aaron & borcocha
    a pixar , sony & columbia pictures
    Songs:dont stop the party , on the floor , hey mama , alone , sugar, shake it off , feel this moment , policeman , see you again & rockabye

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    cars 4 please do not miss the franchise

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    Is anybody waiting for cars 4?

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    IAM from india can I get job in pixar studio

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    Caleb The Gamer 100

    I don't have time on any other kind anymore and not being done ✅ said the app and it doesn't have a lot to be sure it doesn't play any kind if you can make a lot better and not being a little kid or any personal opinion on any personal story to your own decisions

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    Hi what are you going to make wall-e 2

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    Make another monsters inc movie

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    Cars 4 whe are waiting for it pixar

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    Good ingredients.

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    I'm done with Pixar due to Soul skipping theaters.

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    I want to eat. 😋

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    First: Jack Jack Gonna give you bobux to make cookie.

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