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Jacinda Ardern wishes Donald and Melania Trump a speedy recovery

New Zealand’s prime minister has wished the US president and his wife a speedy recovery after they were diagnosed with Covid-19 on Friday. She said the virus had had a ‘devastating impact’ globally and noted that several world leaders had been taken ill with it.
Coronavirus live news: Trump treated with remdesivir in hospital as allies test positive to Covid

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    Some food for that horse.

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    People need justice, wishing Donald all the best so we can lock him up.

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    That was nice of Him

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    Why is she corpsing so much?

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    luka the syco meccano

    Jacinda shergar

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    Ok then haha.

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    So she supports racism and misogyny XD excellent hahahaha

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    They will be fine, it's all part of the show.

    Hollywood isn't the only place with actors. Politicians are actors too

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    Who asked

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    Hope Donald and Melania get better soon

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    Keep it positive Trump!! Bring on the hydroxy!!!

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    Jacinda Arden is a great prime minister

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    She's too nice…

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    Yes speedy recovery to everyone that is suffering.

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    I don't wish him the speediest recovery, but it'd be bad if he died, for complex reasons.

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    It shows how crazy our modern politics has become when “well yeah I wouldn’t want him to die exactly” is considered utmost diplomacy.

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    He's going for the sympathy vote.

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    She’s got big balls 🎾 🎱

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    That's a guy

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    Trump the snake announces hes got covid 33 days before the November 3 election-its all part of the scam your're being had

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    Thoughts and prayers.

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    Hes tested positive for coronavirus, hes gonna fine, its not like a serious illness.

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    She is so nice all the time.

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    Queen of the virtue needs attention.

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    we dont need your lies lefty

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    Lunchtime Mr President, care for some just desserts?

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    She has a smirk on her face 🤣🤣🤣🙈

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    Mealy mouthed empty words I don't believe her for one second

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    Ardern=33 in Pythagorean numerology.

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    Where is new Zealand???

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