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Ivory Coast and Ghana suspend sales of cocoa

The two African governments hope to address the imbalance between farmers’ income and money made by large commodity merchants. Producers and traders agreed on this course of action as the majority of money does not reach the farmers who live in poverty.…

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  1. Avatar

    Western countries are always there

  2. Avatar

    Makes you wonder why Indonesia didn't join this great initiative (being the 3rd largest producer of cocoa)

  3. Avatar

    That's right, make those elititist DEVILS pay dearly, and they will try intimidating tactics to scare you, like Dole pineapple company, Chiquita banana, ETC. They are the devil, don't know what else to call them!

  4. Avatar

    Well seeing how chocolate can't exist without the cocoa farmer, they should get more

  5. Avatar

    the growers use child slaves to pick the beans

  6. Avatar

    Most Ghana Cocoa farmers don't even know what it's for.

    And the only reason the area is stable enough to export cash crops is because all the organized crime is busy running internet scams.

    And hiking prices on exports won't help everyday farmers, it will help local middle men… And the governments that tax them.

  7. Avatar

    These two actually just shot themselves in the foot, as everyone will simply take their business elsewhere. They should focus on increasing production per manhour if they really wanted to help everyday farmers (instead of, you know, scamming foreigners).

  8. Avatar

    Why are educated news channels talking about Cocoa when it is Cacao? Ivory Coast and Ghana grow raw cacao, un-roasted cacao beans. Cocoa is raw cacao that's been roasted at high temperatures.

  9. Avatar

    so America will get their cocoa from somewhere else…or quit eating/drinking items made from cocoa

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