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‘It’s like a dagger in the heart’: Nick Cordero’s widow reacts to Trump’s tweet on Covid-19

Amanda Kloots, whose husband Nick Cordero died due to complications from coronavirus, tells CNN’s Chris Cuomo how she felt about President Donald Trump downplaying the effects of coronavirus. #CNN #News

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    I am 54. Recently lost two friends, the third one is back home, but his lungs, heart and kidneys are in ruins, so it is impossible to predict how long he may be alive.
    Take it seriously, my friends. Do not panic, but stay reasonable and stay healthy. And please – VOTE for your life.

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    When he said it, I immediately thought of all the people that are left behind by their loved ones.

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    The biggest CON MALE Trumpeto is playing with Americans like cat with mice….Time to protect US from Dementia animal Donaldino Trumpeto

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    Julius D. Fcknutz III

    Trump is a monster. The only other person who is as bad or worse than Trump is Barr.. These are sad days.

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    Another day of Trump. Another day of moral decline in America. I voted for Biden/Harris to help restore decency to our country. Vote as soon as you can.

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    How to live long and prosper

    Definitely voting for Biden. Trump is a chump total sociopath!

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    Theresa Rodriguez

    Trump is an idiot and Amanda said it well. He has blown it.

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    Little boy named ELVIS…so sweet

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    Really fucking pathletic. Cuomo brings on widow for what? To make a melodramatic storyline? Come on, gimme a break…she's bringing waterworks and then all of sudden stops….she's an actor like her husband…..she is so biased obviously to try to stop Trump… All to try and act like Trump's to blame…
    Tell the truth, Nick Cordeto had underlying condition and he was fucking relaxed with not social distancing as an actor….so like your colleagues say take personal responsibility….NuckbCiderondued because he let his guard down, and Trump is saying don't be afraid and live life and do what us right….so fucking biased, get over yourself lady and Cuomo….blame yourself you two….Trump will never make you fucking libtards happy until you all hope he dies. Fucking idiots.

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    We all had COVID-19 and hearing this bumbling fool saying the things he is saying is infuriating to us.

    I can't even visit my grandma who's 92-93 and not going to be around much longer because of Trump and administrations lies and inactions.

    I hope these fuckers all for a horrible death, but as we see they all have covid-19 and are living fine.

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    Trump has no idea how to be a leader. VOTE. Step over the cheats who are trying to stop you. Get to the ballot box and rescue all of us

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    I would be more angry at the people who created the virus, they are masters of Trump and Biden. This world elite that screws us all over

  14. Avatar

    Stupid and/or selfish ppl continuing to infect each other is not unexpected.

    Trump & Covid:
    "I love the poorly educated"

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    Even After Trumps Covid19 it is still all about him it's been about him for 4 year's, it's time that' it be about US America.. VOTE Biden 2020 🇱🇷😊

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    Trump is an idiot

  17. Avatar

    I do not believe he and his wife got the corona virus. He is a pure con artist, who made this show to tell us look at me I defeated the virus and you could too, and move on with your lives. But he ignores the fact that we lost 210k lives and we have thousands who are sick and in hospitals. This inhumane/cruel man should be prosecuted for his crime.

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    God bless your u Elvis and Mommy!

  19. Avatar

    Trump is incapable of empathy, he is a narcissistic sociopath. We are at the dying embers of this embarrassing administration.

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    Wear a mask and go to the polls and VOTE in numbers to big to rig !

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    If I said what I really think about Trump, the secret service will hunt me down! He's the Anti Christ!

  22. Avatar

    Cummo was outside while covid positive! Look it up…

  23. Avatar

    someone like 3 previous presidents need to stop the murdering bstard! how can past honorable politicians sit by while the country is ruined?

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    I have just watched comey series on Stan – I’m an Australian and had no idea Donald Trump was so evil and sick – I just used to laugh at him like a clown. Now I don’t . it’s so serious and Amanda I’m so sorry for what you and your beautiful child have been through , I’ve followed your hard journey from the start , you are one of the few people in the world I truely admire.

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    Trump is an incumbent ,
    And nothing more! Nowhere near a president.

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    Trump is not a human.

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    #TRUMPISDISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #TRUMProtinHELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    …Even Jezus will never forgive what he did.

  29. Avatar

    CNN exploiting a sad and unfortunate death for political point scoring. Disgraceful …

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    Jacqueline Fiallos

    Don't be afraid? Don't let it dominate you!! Comments from the President of the United States are insulting to all Americans and people round the world. Who does he think he is???? Thank you Amanda for sharing your words and trying to help everybody. God bless you and your baby.

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    The Lord will bless Dirty Donald the funeral home will dress dirty Donald real soon if you don't take this virus serious

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    So it's Trump fault this guy got it? How exactly?

    The White House, the CDC, state Governors, local health organizations, the World Health Organization etc etc ALL released COVID guidelines to keep people safe. How exactly is it Trump's fault??? The information was out there in abundance, for free. Wear your mask, social distance, avoid crowds. So he got the virus anyway. Did Trump design the virus? Did Trump personally inject him with it?

    When are people going to take responsibility for themselves? Like how much more do you want the government or authorities to do for you?

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    The contaminator in chief.

  34. Avatar

    Of course Trump can't understand..he's a clinical psychopath..he can't feel fear,shame,guilt etc and some think that's his strength..forgetting that he can't feel Love, empathy, peace,etc either..he can only mimic those feelings but never get it right..and that is his weakness.

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    He's just going the other way just for the sake to oppose his opponent, even though he probably agree with the fact, he'll say otherwise… It's the way he is

  36. Avatar

    True leader he is a con artist

  37. Avatar

    Does this idiot Trump EVER say the right thing? 🤦🏻🤯🙏🏼🇺🇸

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    It’s useless, Trump’s attitude is pathetic and shows his incomprehensible lack of empathy. My heart truly goes out to Amanda and her unimaginable suffering through this ordeal.

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    You're not going to get any sympathy from Drumpf. He only cares for Putin.

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    didnt fredo leave the house too

  42. Avatar

    God bless you all in this video, God be with you.

  43. Avatar

    OMG drama queens. All Trump was saying, was to be strong and positive. He's trying to give people HOPE!

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