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It Takes Hundreds of Lives a Year, But Only 5% Know About It

How to Stay Safe in the Ocean. Any experienced lifeguard will warn you about a deadly phenomenon that claims the lives of more than 100 American beachgoers every year. In fact, about 80% of all rescues that lifeguards make have a connection to this danger. No, it’s not sharks or poisonous jellyfish or anything like that. The most treacherous thing that can happen to you in the ocean is a totally natural phenomenon called a rip current.
The main reason why people lose their lives when stuck in a rip current comes down to panic. When they find themselves suddenly being pulled away from the shore at a high speed, terror ensues, they start to panic, wear themselves out in the fight, and drown because of it. What you should do instead is stay calm, take control of the situation, keep afloat, weigh your options, and don’t exhaust yourself.

What is a rip current and how is it so deadly? 1:02
How to identify a rip current? 4:10
What to do if you’ve been caught in a rip current? 4:52
Rip current research 6:50


-A rip is basically a strong current on the surface of the ocean that flows away from the shore. The main danger of a rip is that it flows seaward away from the shore, so it can easily pull unaware swimmers with it.
-It often looks like a calm patch of water between breaking waves, which at first glance seems like the best place to enter the water. But don’t let the tranquility deceive you because you might inadvertently pick the most dangerous place to swim.
-The first thing you absolutely must do is stay calm. Panicking does not help; in fact, it ends up costing people their lives when they’re overcome by it. Second, you need to conserve energy. DO NOT attempt to swim against the rip current toward the shore.
-Dr. Jamie MacMahan, a professor of oceanography started his own research using GPS devices to track rip currents in France, England, and the U.S. Among the great number of currents he’s studied, only 10 to 20% did not return back to the shore. The rest of them moved in circles.

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  1. Avatar

    Hey guys! Did you know about this phenomenon before?

  2. Avatar

    omg,when i saw the title i knew it was a rip tide we call it, it happened to me when i was younger,i was in a shallow area of water at ocean city,md i guess the extreme heat caused an effect on the waves because one second i was next to my brother joking around next thing i knew i drifted about eleven feet behind everyone ,they all were smiling at me waving me to come back closer next thing i knew a really big & more powerful wave pulled me out 500 ft out into the ocean ,i was out so far i could touch the speed boats.at that point all i could think about was a shark going underneath me,anyway i started to panic i tried swimming directly towards the shore but the current wouldn't let me it only took me out further,however unlike the video said my instincts told me to swim side way ,it was the key as i used a wave going towards the beach like as if l was a surfboard.Till this day ill never get in the ocean again .

  3. Avatar

    I was pulled out in a rip current but did not panic so I just went with it when I was out away from beach a shark ate off my legs and my left arm but I did not panic still..just went with it.

  4. Avatar

    The beach is not for us to be swimming in I almost got caught in one never and I said never again swim in A pool

  5. Avatar

    This happened to me years ago but my mom grabbed my hand and pulled em to shore and then I was safe

  6. Avatar

    when I was a teen, I was camping with a friends family. I was about 10-20mt out and was pushed into a stagnent area of water several metres from some rocks, I'm not sure it was a rip. I was sculling water and did go out a few metres. I found that swimming to the side – away from rocks and towards Central Sandy beach seemed to free me from it and made my way back to shore. A question though – can rips exist in lajesalso, very interested, thanks so much for the great video

  7. Avatar

    A R.I.P Current :3
    Like For Bright Side <3

  8. Avatar

    This is why i never go in beach water ( btw why would I if I can't swim )

  9. Avatar

    I was in one once but I managed to get to shore

  10. Avatar

    As a child my father and mother used to take me to ocean in karachi. I have experienced rip currents and as a little guy i was scared, the velocity u move away from beach within seconds is astonishing but I was never drowned or anything, the same current brought us back but it was pretty scary though.

  11. Avatar

    The way it worked for me was to go underneath the current and let the wave spin me , I remember spinning repeatedly over my head, but it kept me close to the shore then my uncle pulled me out, thank God.

  12. Avatar

    So I was caught in a rip current at this beach in my country (Trinidad)…I was just playing in the water with my brothers and eventually they came out while I was still in the water…..while I was trying to get out of the water I felt a huge pull from the water as it carried me away from the shore and my family…luckily for me my father saw me drifting away as he rushed in the water pretty much grabbing me like a piece of paper and pulling me out of the water……now as my 8 year old self had no idea what caused that and probably would've fight the current leading to certain death but thank God my father is as big as an ox as he withstand it because if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be alive today

  13. Avatar

    I got caught in a rip once it ripped my shorts clean off !!!

  14. Avatar

    Yeah… I am not going far away from the shore anytime soon and I will also not going to the beach/dock when it is dark, cold and looks like it is going to rain. And I already hate going far. But i am kinda lucky cause RIPCuRents are kinda rare. I also nearly been in a riPcUrrEnT

  15. Avatar

    Who doesnt Know what a rip tide is

  16. Avatar

    OMG😱 only 5% of people know about rip currents (at least before this video) I have known about rip currents my whole life and thought many people knew/know about them

  17. Avatar

    Ones I was caught in a rip current I escaped it somehow in USA

  18. Avatar

    My mom and I once got caught in one, we got out by swimming in a diagonal.

  19. Avatar

    Hey i heard you poop noob hahaha!!!! Noobr

  20. Avatar

    Yeah stay calm let it pull you and get eaten by sharks thanks

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