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'It is very frustrating': Jews in Europe fear new curbs on religious freedom, says rabbi

The European Jewish Association president says from Iceland to Belgium to Poland, laws restricting ritual slaughter and circumcision are making Jews feel unwelcome in Europe.

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    We all have to adapt. 🌎

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    OMG in cina milions be detained and use laik a slave for a religion belives…now to dey is hapinig

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    Andrey Levchenko

    Shalom Shabat!

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    I made an earlier comment that was quite harsh the truth is the Jews have been persecuted terribly 6 million and we'll work throughout history and that's terrible but I don't believe Israeli government is in their best interest because like the Bible says Jerusalem will be humiliated throughout the world for its s i n s

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    Or, how about you leave children alone and not chop off their foreskin without their consent?

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    They are targeting muslims not Jews but both share same rituals

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    France kicked the zios out

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    Naah, we hate different people here in Poland… No chance.
    I wish it could be otherwise but ain't gonna happen.

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    When do europeans have the right to move to israel?

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    They have Israel now. What are they even doing in Europe if they don't like it, he can go live in Israel it would be better for him.
    As far back as the 17th century
    through out all of Europe that lot were always mostly the furthest from being like or popular.

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    You leave us alone

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    I am sorry you are having issues but the misunderstandings are likely due to ignorance of Jewish traditions and customs rather than any malicious intent. Sure in these dark days it is to our learned Jewish friends in medical research that we look to to bring our world back to normal and in that pursuit I am sure all of us in Europe wish them nothing but the best and Godspeed.

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    circumcision of genital mutilation, if it's not ok on a girl, it's not ok on a boy end of the story.

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    oh yeah, just make exceptions to any rule for us because we are somehow special..

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    want to be left alone, go to mars

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    Indigenous Europeans fear erosion of their culture and sovereignty due to incredible power of small religious/ethnic minority. That might make a better and more relevant story "euro" news.

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    Leave us alone…. said once a Catholic priest holding a boy. Thank you for being here, if you promise not to leave us alone, we promise not to leave you alone.

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    Wish the same,that “they” would leave us,Christians alone.

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    Then go somewhere else.

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    Circumcision is the mutilation of a child. "leave us alone" in this case would be turning a blind eye to a horrible crime against a minor.
    Ritual slaughter is animal cruelty. Again the mistreatment of an animal is a crime.

    1. Come with much better examples of being persecuted. These are justified.
    2. Stop committing crimes and you wil be left alone.
    3. Why is a news broadcast that is supposed to broadcast European news making this video without any value for any debate? It is just a guy saying leave me alone…….

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    If superstitious voodoo, no matter the religion, is threatened by the march of progress, it has to adapt or step aside.

    As Lenin once wrote when quoting Marx: "Those who toil and live in want all their lives are taught by religion to be submissive and patient […] *Religion is opium for the people*. Religion is a sort of spiritual booze, in which the slaves of capital drown their human image, their demand for a life more or less worthy of man."

    The cultures and religions people cling to are already relics of a prelapsarian world that never existed; put them in a museum and let them collect dust.

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    ritual slaughter has no explanation in modern world

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    Ok Epstein

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    ppl gettn dumber. Thanks to the Internet.

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