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Islamic groups back anti-jobs law protests in Indonesia

Several Islamic organisations in Indonesia are throwing their weight behind the anti-jobs law protest movement.
An omnibus law intended to cut red tape, streamline regulations, and encourage foreign investment was passed last week.
But unions say it will erode workers’ rights.
It is the second week of protests against the measure.
Indonesia’s largest Muslim association, Nahdatul Ulama, says it will also challenge the law in court.

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  1. Avatar

    Islamic organisation?then you know what time it is.

  2. Avatar

    South korea Rigged Election CCP Out

  3. Avatar

    South korea Moon Jae-in is either a diplomatic genius or a communist set on destroying his country ( bbc)

  4. Avatar

    S korea is now under martial law

  5. Avatar

    Not only Islamic groups, many elements had been participated in this protest. Students and workers also participated in this protests, and it's been (almost) a week

    Well, seems like the news will "go international" when Islamic groups took part in the event

  6. Avatar

    oh wow, seems that this country had so many protests in every single year

  7. Avatar

    No hope for this country and the uneducated citizens

  8. Avatar

    Jesus Christ, the Son of God, died for our sins, He was buried and resurrected on the third day.
    Believe on Him to be saved.

  9. Avatar

    They dont protest for anti-job law. They just want to coup d'etat Indonesia President.

  10. Avatar
    Groundswell Multimedia

    From the Philippines, support for ordinary Indonesian workers 🇮🇩 🇵🇭

  11. Avatar

    this cntry again,, i dont know what they want..

  12. Avatar

    You know well majority of labour are muslim who victim of unfair law.

  13. Avatar

    What do you expect from a Muslim majority country. Other than Islamic organisations. . Buddhist organisations?

  14. Avatar

    stop diverting attention from the real issues! these protests are working-class, communist in nature!

  15. Avatar

    Wats this law

  16. Avatar

    It's a whole country not just Islamic factions, their president is a puppet for the comunist..

  17. Avatar

    For outsider who have no clue what this all about ..people are finally stood up against puppet comunist regime, people are getting fed up from incapable for handling pandemic issue, dictatorship,and many unjustice ..this comunist regime are releasing new law which violating workers rights and triggered anger from people ..

  18. Avatar

    Why does this not surprise me , they should be locked up breaking covid law

  19. Avatar

    Poor country😢

  20. Avatar

    Not only Islamic Group only guys

  21. Avatar
    Why God White And Man


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  23. Avatar

    directly say Muslim botherwood

  24. Avatar

    It's odd how many people in that crowd had this masks down around their necks instead of on their face where it can protect them.

  25. Avatar

    Sold! To Globalism

  26. Avatar

    Where there is Cult, destruction follows.

  27. Avatar
    Istihadi Istihadi

    Heaven's Message: Those who believe in Allah and istikamah in struggle, the angels will accompany and whisper: "Do not be afraid and sad, because heaven awaits".

  28. Avatar
    Mohammed Abdul Khader

    Islamic groups should avoid this cause. Be careful of working with Leftists. This is the same mistake which destroyed Islamic groups elsewhere. Dont lose sight of the main issue which is Religion, dont ever get sidetracked with other issues

  29. Avatar

    AlJazeera the zionist newsstation

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