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Is your Android phone tracking you?

ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis looks into how much information your cell phone is really collecting about you.


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  1. Avatar

    Happens to apple users too because republicans patriot spy act policies.

  2. Avatar

    I love how these newer generation News Anchors are like "OMG! WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT THIS!". Yes WE KNOW that we are giving up our Information, when we consent to their Terms of Agreement. I'ts been that way for YEARS! HELLO!!! The Media is SO DUMB!

  3. Avatar

    If anyone didn't know this you are living under a rock. That includes Apple as well but they collect more.

  4. Avatar

    Yes, it’s Android they aren’t loyal like apple!

  5. Avatar

    newsflash dumbass apple tracks you aswell , also if you use facebook, instagram and internet in general ,

  6. Avatar

    Ok then why are there so many missing people or why can't it be used to bust criminals.

  7. Avatar

    I's funny that they only talk about Android phones tracking it's user when Iphones do exactly the same thing. Every phone and every app that we used is tracking our movements, search and personal connections every second. All these companies are worst than the government.

  8. Avatar

    So many ignorant and absolutely deluded people in these comments acting like this isn't a big deal because you have "nothing to hide." Google is weaponizing YOUR data and using it AGAINST you. At what point are you brain dead idiots going to wake up and actually realize the implications of this?

  9. Avatar

    So it's why they keep trying to get me to buy 2 ply tollet paper

  10. Avatar

    What advice are you giving us with Android phones??

  11. Avatar

    This is obviously biased towards apple products. I'm pretty sure Apple's products track your location too

  12. Avatar

    Who else thinks the female anchor is georgeous?

  13. Avatar

    Yeah, because Google cares so much about our lives. Fuckin idiots.

  14. Avatar

    Who cares at least it's not an iphone😜

  15. Avatar

    Have you ever heard of the "Find my phone" feature and "fitness tracker"? Who knew they would record the phone location in case you lost it and records your steps so you can get fit? There is no mention that you have to opt in to the location services when you start the phone for the first time and no mention that Apple do the same thing.

  16. Avatar

    why not test this using airplane mode instead of with wifi?

  17. Avatar

    ALL PHONES ARE TRACKING YOU. Apple, Android, and everything else.

  18. Avatar

    Really!? I mean come on people we’ve known about this for years. All phones do and it’s not any secret. Your Amazon Alexa, your laptop, even your smart tv. Stop being so foolish and in the dark about this.

  19. Avatar

    If they really want to know that I went to the supermarket last night and jibber jabber to my friends about boring my life and to typical problems I'd say make a large pot of coffee and pray you don't fall asleep.

  20. Avatar

    So what? Why should I care? I'm not doing anything illegal

  21. Avatar

    I got nothing to hide … not even that time i spend some quality time with an escort or when i hack some apps.

  22. Avatar

    Throws Galaxy S9 into trash Throws laptops in trash Take that government!!

  23. Avatar

    Android phone know everything about you better than your boyfriend and you connected with.

  24. Avatar

    So, how exactly is this good info?

  25. Avatar

    Most Android users are aware xD We know that our android devices have censors that can detect our every movement, can know our location offline (That's why I use my maps offline, really helpful), and it's very helpful.

  26. Avatar

    That's why I have an iPhone. They do everything legit. No tracking or anything. Just a good honest company that always puts customers first…Smh yeah right. They all have been doing this. People need to realize. The internet was not made for us, phones are tracking devices and social media is the feds candy shop. Social media is a web that keeps track of every idea, relationship, and movement of its user.

  27. Avatar

    Uber,Lyft,snapchat all this shit tracks us,we've known this since 2005
    As long as im not doing anything illegal im ok

  28. Avatar

    Yall forgot iPhones too😁🙄🙄

  29. Avatar

    Duh. Why you get iOS, at least they only collect information on you to sell you their products. Android was a trojan horse to a person's privacy. Sadly , YouTube is no better than the Chrome browser, Google search engine or Gmail. Amazon is no better. Full disclosure: I was an early advocate of Android/Google until I learned of the slippery slope that they're on. Imagine advertising getting so sinister that they subtly modify your search results over a period of time, to nudge you to purchase a product, something you wouldn't have ever bought/considered but now it's instead an original idea and you have always wanted it; thought what Russia did was bad?

  30. Avatar

    So ,What they are trying to Say is Dont buy a phone🙄🙄

  31. Avatar

    so luck im with iphone but even they track. it scary

  32. Avatar

    Google…a stalker’s wet dream software.

  33. Avatar

    This video is incredibly wreckless and irresponsible. These sensors are incredibly important for the safety of the user. As an example, the baramoter sensor is crucial so that the Rapid SOS network can relay this information to 911 services if the user is in an elevated location, this is crucial information for first responders. The speed you were traveling just before you called 911 can also be super crucial.
    Yet! With so this information readily published by the FCC of what's required for carriers, you all mentioned none of that!
    Like another comentor posted, this was a definite hit piece on Android; while it may be a perfect mobile platform it has evened the playing field for so many across the world, giving people access to financial services, education and staying in touch. For those reasons, I will anyways back it as being a superior mobile platform.

  34. Avatar

    This is crazy no sim card 📶 🚽💳🛀📧🚲💓🙈💩💏💨💻📻📺📡⌚🎼🎮🆕🆓🆒🆗🚭📴

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