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Is there a broader meaning behind the WFP's Nobel Prize? | Inside Story

This year’s Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to the World Food Programme.
In the public mind, the WFP is often associated with famine relief. But it’s mandate is actually much broader.
It works extensively in war zones and with refugees around the world.

Can the recognition that comes with the Nobel also draw attention to the use of food as a weapon in conflict zones and international efforts to prevent it?

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom

Matthew Hollingworth, South Sudan Country Director, World Food Programme.

Emma Leslie, Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies.

Ole Solvang, Norwegian Refugee Council.

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    Corona virus should be given noble peace prize

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    is lam give only terrorst in this World

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    Altruism: humanity at its best. 🌍

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    Congratulations to WFP family for this amazing achievement..

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    Bunker Baby dRumph

    Whatever happened to the idea of Donald tRump & Kim un Jong each receiving a Nobel Prize for bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula?

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    Bunker Baby dRumph

    What's going on with tRump & Jared bringing peace to the Middle East? Have things settled down there?

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    This is an upgrade from Obama who got the peace prize, he even Admitted to training ISIL in a press conference.

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    Many aljazeera fans will say taliban should be given peace prize for sitting in negotiations

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    Marcin Jakubowski

    Lunatic Trump will not be pleased. He will sanction WFP as revenge.

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    Great man he helped poor people covid-19 time

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    Good team work. Salute

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    They are criminal racist, they have been awarded by their crime .

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    Saat Pâkistân 🇹🇷

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    WFP is only for Africa and Asia 😂😂 ..

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