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Is the president's health worse than it looks?

Questions have been raised about whether the use of dexamethasone means Donald Trump’s case could be more severe than it looks.

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  1. Avatar
    Martin Villalpando

    no he's already driving around trying to infect more people

  2. Avatar

    joe biden sleeps and shits with his mask on

  3. Avatar

    It is called preventative medicine u propagandist scumbags!

  4. Avatar

    he proved u media cnts wrong again, hahaha this is fun he is trolling media again

  5. Avatar

    The mental state anyway

  6. Avatar

    He can't use Covid to hide his tax return from the news for long. Trump state of mind is primitive.

  7. Avatar

    Dunno Trump: I am a better warrior than anybody. People go to work even they are sick.
    Homer J Trump: D’oh. I can’t breathe. Where’s the ventilator?

  8. Avatar

    Fake President looking for sympathy vote.

  9. Avatar

    this whole thing scary depressing

  10. Avatar

    Trumps dead that's his body double

  11. Avatar

    The unhinged dems, the deep state, the medias, and now the covid, still the Donald is marching on. The "do gooders" can't forgive the great blasphemer and his deplorable followers, what a glorious saga.

  12. Avatar

    if he is walking and talking,he will survive…dr johnny

  13. Avatar

    Nope dint believe the lies

  14. Avatar

    johnson didnt have all these medications

  15. Avatar

    No wrong. Its called right to try

  16. Avatar

    Physical or mental health ?

  17. Avatar

    Biased as usual. Your not fooling anyone sky news 😂😂

  18. Avatar

    I don't care about trump or any other president on planet earth they all hypocrites thieves corrupted don't really care about the poor in poverty.

  19. Avatar

    Question. Would it be a help for people to spray saline nasal spray in their nose once in a while to clean and clear it of virus? Or gargle with salt water or Listerine? Or use a nettie pot to flush the nose with water just once in a while Also a medic air purifier in the home is a cheap way clean the air of virus. They need these in classrooms and old age homes. Vitamins to improve your own immune system. And of course wearing gloves along with masks. Wash dishes properly and this includes babies bottles and pacifiers. Nows the time to quit smoking. Anything that puts a little steam in the air is good as well. Cooking at home is always a benefit instead of eating in public. Just my thoughts does anyone know if they are testing the air and water quality ? Be safe. Be happy

  20. Avatar

    trump wasting taxpayers cash

  21. Avatar
    ᴅᴇᴀʀ ᴍʀ. ɪꜱᴀɪᴀʜ ᴅᴇʀɪɴɢᴇʀ;

    Many comments scream propaganda because they can't fathom the idea of their idol being a mere mortal. Sad.

  22. Avatar

    His health is fine, just typical Sky News wanting him to be ill.

  23. Avatar

    I think SkyNews has been lying so long they simply cannot recognize or report the truth anymore. The docs discharged President Trump, the people who've seen and spoke with him say he's fine, yet LieNews keeps reporting their own morbid speculation. #LieNews

  24. Avatar

    Lol Trumps miracle recovery from the infection he never had ,it's a BONESPUR miracle in motion crying out for the emotion of sympathy by crooked ways and means .

  25. Avatar

    No. The Scamdemic continues. 🤦‍♂️ 💉

  26. Avatar

    0:37 I dont owe anybody anything now with the help of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  27. Avatar

    What a load of bull

  28. Avatar

    He’s doing lot better than that numb nuts Boris who has lost his ethics 👍

  29. Avatar

    Selling Personal Protective Equipment to America is now a bad thing is it Sky News? I thought the idea was to improve the economy?

  30. Avatar
    Champion Tonto the Wonder Horse

    It might be subterfuge for something else. His medical life is sacrasanct and private.

  31. Avatar

    Lol these people are professional liars 😂

  32. Avatar


  33. Avatar

    Not matter what this guy does he always gets negative press.

  34. Avatar

    He's doing a Boris

  35. Avatar

    lol what a lot of pish…non story as usual…

  36. Avatar

    Because he’s the president that’s why. There’s nothing wrong with him this virus is a joke.

  37. Avatar

    I love my President!

  38. Avatar

    The way he walked to the helicopter he looked seriously ill 🧐

  39. Avatar

    Fake President, fake covid, real sniffles, real narcissist.

  40. Avatar

    But covid 19 is a democratic hoax by the Chinese Hahahah the White House flu now hahahaha

  41. Avatar

    Trump NEVER had Covid19

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