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Is the PM taking regional leaders with him?

Sky News’ Beth Rigby quizzed Boris Johnson on whether his government was working closely enough with local leaders in the fight against coronavirus.

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  1. Avatar

    What a fool. Can't even speak correctly and he is PM…

  2. Avatar

    Be interesting to see the percentage of population still believe this because the comments are saying not that many but the media coverage says the minority

  3. Avatar

    He's mismanaging the process from the very beginning, Averell Dalton standing next to him is useless!

  4. Avatar

    Everyone with a brain knows it's all a pack of lies. Ask the fat idiot why they are including seasonal Flu in the BS figures. Evil demons, corrupt thieves, they will end up in jail at some point. Ask the question why does WHO say lockdowns do not work and ignoring that fact. Lying greedy filth !

  5. Avatar

    we need school to be online most cases are in school

  6. Avatar

    Is the PM taking regional leaders with him?
    Is this to the gallows?

  7. Avatar


  8. Avatar
    Alex Leitch BSc Open

    After this is all over they'll admit the hadnt a clue and weren't remotely prepared for a medical emergency.

  9. Avatar

    Bolshevik Boris the globalist shill strikes again

  10. Avatar

    …. to the gulag? Here's hoping….

  11. Avatar

    "Regional leaders"? There's no such thing. King Boris.

  12. Avatar

    Boris is a joker

  13. Avatar

    I passed a motorway bridge today that had a flag stating FAKE VIRUS strapped to it.


  14. Avatar

    These new rules are so dumb wont even make a difference 🙄😂

  15. Avatar

    MSM / BiT / SAGE & the govt of occupation are culpable in causing Stockholm syndrome within the UK populace & will be held accountable for their actions. .

  16. Avatar
    Russian Métropolitan

    Meanwhile Dominic Cummings has gone for a drive with his family to check his eyesight

  17. Avatar

    More buffoonary than May and Cameron combined.

    A low IQ bumbling waste of oxygen

  18. Avatar

    Because Scousers voted Remain.

  19. Avatar

    Boris must have lost his piece of paper to read off.

  20. Avatar

    Common flu season

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