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Is the coronavirus a threat to democracy? | Inside Story

The coronavirus pandemic is causing a world-wide crisis for democracy.
That’s the conclusion of Freedom House, the U.S. based research group.
It highlights five areas that researchers say have been weakened during the pandemic: checks against abuses of power, protection of vulnerable groups, government transparency, media freedom and credible elections.
It accuses more than 80 countries of backsliding on rights since the virus appeared late last year.

Presenter: Mohammed Jamjoom

Amy Slipowitz – Freedom House research group
Kavita Krishna – All India Progressive Women’s Association
Ivar Dale – Norwegian Helsinki Committee

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    Democracy my foot

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    Corruption, misinformation & the hatred and division of social media are more dangerous than covid.

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    well if theyre letting us see this theyre positioned to overthrow all democracys and summon the manifestation of all of the evil human dragons of ego to accept the first man who will ever accept the yoke of all evil demon manifestations of mans ego and to and ever too challenge [YaHoWaH] .. Jehovah as we will know him because the gentiles still refuse to awknowledge Jesus' words 2,020 years later still waiting for his return with murder on their heads .. award .. of course theres no J in hebrew.. its an english letter .. actually the english letter J in Jehovah is the same english letter J in Jesus .. um you might want to unwrap the bible your clutching lol.. it says deny the Son deny the Father, deny the Father deny the Son .. both warned they will be addressed as Jehovah God and HIS Son of man (tribe of Judah (Adam) , our future King as Jesus.

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    A channel sponsored by Qatar talking about Democrasy

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    Patty and Buster Show

    No, trump has been a constant threat

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    This is stupidness testing people outside
    The government doesn't want people to say the truth!!!?
    Fake COVID

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    I read a story earlier. In the 1980s, at a meeting of KGB leaders, who actually led the USSR, they came to the conclusion that economic socialism was failing in their country. Then they decided to move to a capitalist economy. To the question of one of those present at the meeting as to who the capitalists will be, the answer of a KGB leader was: "We will also be the capitalists!" The rest is history.

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    Democracy is too fragile, and even air and water pose a threat to it. LOL

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    covid is a threat to incompetent governments. Democratic governments are often ineffective, indecisive and likes to play identity politics and partisanism.

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    Chosen Elect 144k

    When people figure out COVID is not real and merelly a Phychological Operation (MK Ultra/Cointelpro/Operation Paperclip etc) they are literally going to lose there mind. The truth is stranger than figure. Things are not what they seem. Wake up people!

    One way to shut off influence is to ask yourself, "Without any media would my personal life experiences lead me to the same conclusion?"

    Being told something over and over vs. experiencing events first hand are not the same.

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